One of the most exciting introductions to our 12 Day Detox Program are 13 Guided Visualization Videos.

Visualization is a cognitive tool accessing imagination to realize all aspects of an object, action or outcome. This may include recreating a mental sensory experience of sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch.  (Jennifer J. Baumgartner, Psy.D., Psychology Today)


Visualization is mental preparation, practice and imagery of success.


Creating mental pictures of desired outcomes in order to achieve them is an idea that has been around for a long time.


In sports and athletics, the activity of visualizing is largely considered an integral aspect of competitive training.


Developments in brain scanning technology are now revealing interesting information about the effect of visualization on the brain.


A study looking at brain patterns in weightlifters found that the patterns activated when a weightlifter lifted hundreds of pounds were similarly activated when they only imagined lifting. In some cases, research has revealed that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone. For instance, in his study on everyday people, Guang Yue, an exercise psychologist from Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, compared “people who went to the gym with people who carried out virtual workouts in their heads”. He found that a 30% muscle increase in the group who went to the gym. However, the group of participants who conducted mental exercises of the weight training increased muscle strength by almost half as much (13.5%). This average remained for 3 months following the mental training.  (Angie Levan, Psychology Today)

If it has this type of success, it is silly not to use it in your coaching.  Anything that increases the results by 30% with results as measurable as this is and should be invaluable.



In addition to these incredible tangible benefits of meditation and visualization, the big gain is the sense of well being, and calm that it brings to everyday living.  You escape the noise in your mind and move to a different place where you are totally enveloped in the present   This brings surprising bonuses of clarity, compassion, bright ideas and a very loving feeling.  Discovering the calm that is within you helps to move you away from common feelings like worry and pain.  Meditation increases our awareness of all that is good in our lives.


 So great a power is the soul upon the body, that whichever way the soul imagines and dreams that it goes thither it leads the body.” -Heinrich Conelius Agrippa von Nettesheim


The initial guided visualization takes your client through the entire cleanse; preparing for, participating in, completing the detox.  We are prompted to create a picture in our mind of the events as they occur.  The words are empowering, and while they guide, they don’t really conclude.


Other forms of visualization include but are not limited to actual imagery, vision boards and simply closing your eyes and walking through a situation in your mind, unguided.


The daily visualizations in the 12 Day Detox focus on the subject of the day:

  • Prep
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Goals and Symptoms
  • Visualization
  • Water
  • Sunshine, Juicing and Blending
  • Inflammation
  • Activity and Exercise
  • Dry Brushing
  • Energy and Stimulation
  • Stress
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Going Forward


The coaching tools we have at our fingertips are truly incredible.  I know with all my heart that this 12 Day Detox can change lives, save lives and measurably improve lives.  Using the workbooks and the visualization exercises increase the results as well as the participation.


To learn more about the 12 Day Detox CLICK HERE.


I can’t wait to hear the stories from your detox clients and groups.

How has visualization helped you?

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  1. carolina

    Wonderful! The challenge sounds intriguing! One time, I won a coaching contest at the end of a webinar when I visualized myself winning. I was a bit scattered, but I sat my self down, closed my eyes and did the best I could to connect to the feelings of winning and to my why. And I won!!! 🙂 It truly does work.
    thank you for this reminder. 🙂

  2. Susie

    I am super visual and have always been athletic but I never realized that when I visualize my movement when exercising to a like movement in other things I might get a better outcome. I do it as a distraction to take my mind off anything that feels too hard. Thanks for helping me actually realize that 🙂

  3. Susan

    I have used visualization my whole life even in elementary school to help me achieve success in my music competitions and exams and now there is so much research to support using this in every aspect of our lives.
    I know that the inner sense of calm is priceless when we are trying to create new habits, new successes, new lifestyles and LOVE being reminded of that. Thanks, Cathy!

  4. Elizabeth MacLeod

    I learned visualization and it’s power as a competitive swimmer. If I visualized my race first I discovered I did better! It’s a big part of my life. And being so visual, it’s a tool that really works for me…. I loved when I read above that you take your clients through the entire cleanse… I read that two fold… as in your course and as in cleansing your path… And I’d never looked at it that way before…Kinda liked that… 🙂

  5. Michelle

    I am a HUGE fan of visualization. I used it a lot in my theatre days to soothe my stage fright. It was also a godsend in the early childhood classroom. Yep. I called it “kiddie meditation”, and those kiddos calmed down in no time at all. 🙂 Powerful, powerful technique.

  6. Tania

    Love this Cathy! l am also a believer of visualization. I use a very simple method. I write something on paper, or I print something out and create a sort of vision board that means a lot to me. The focus on that and the visualization of achieving it always does it for me 🙂

  7. Sharon M.r, Yoga Instructor/Health Coach Raleigh, NC

    I had one client write out in detail – how the “self” she was hiding would act in a specific situation. This kind of visualization – helped her connect with actions she could take to start to become that person, and gave her a “real, live” goal.

  8. Tracey Giordano

    I am a visulization convert. I use to believe the opposite was true…every time I thought or expected something to happen…it never did. Recently, I have started to notice that what I pictured in my head at work is exactly what happened. If I rationalized with myself that I would be happy if only 4 people showed up for my workshop..guess how many people showed ? 4.
    I have taken it to the next level now. I now speak out loud what I visualize and that has taken it to the next level.

  9. april

    “you escape the noise in your mind.” this is exactly why i use visualization, especially through vision boards. the clarity and calm that is created is truly unbelievable. thank you, cathy, for illuminating the many benefits of visualization.

  10. farah

    Visualising works. it makes you feel good, uplifted, energised and ready to go. I always add this in to every traiing I do and it makes a huge difference, people love it 🙂 Great idea to use it when embarking on a challenge, especially around detoxing and food!

  11. Cynthia Djengue

    Visualization is great for any new beginning, planning out desires, and having things come to fruition. It helps me go in and bring those desires out.

  12. Shelley ugyan

    Beautiful ! I think this is such great idea ! I strongly support visualization. I believe that we truly can’t begin to change our health without looking at our thinking…and visualization is a powerful stepping stone for sure ! Thanks for sharing !!

  13. Hayley Hobson

    Cathy, I love this blog . I am a HUGE fan of visualization. I do it every night before I go to sleep. I lay there and visualize my daily, weekly and monthly goals. I keep reminder stickies on my whiteboard so I can keep visualizing all day. When we can really see it, we can make it happen.

  14. Karen Yankovich

    I’m a big fan of using visualization in different areas of my life. Closing my eyes and feeling something is a powerful piece for me of an overall wellness and happy life plan. I love that you incorporate it into your programs!


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