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Lighten Your Life with “A Lighter Life” Program

Help your clients to make changes that have the potential to impact the rest of their lives. The purpose of the program is to move toward a life of authentic joy and fulfillment, not necessarily to turn their whole lives upside down. They will begin to be kind to themselves!

Welcome to the A Lighter Life Program

WARNING – this is not a superficial and fun program – we get right down to business!

There will be tears, and pain and a lot of growth. There will be real change and if you put everything into this program that you have – you will graduate in 12 weeks lighter and free of a lot of burdens.

You’ll get weekly communication, modules, videos, and workbooks.

In the next 12 weeks, your clients will be going through a transition. They’ll be learning ways to put some sparkle back into their lives. The transition may be uncomfortable and difficult at times. You, their coach will be there to help them along the way. They will experience a sense of inner cleansing and peace most never thought possible. They aren’t alone – You’ll be here for them every step of the way.


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This Program is Best Suited For:

The Following Health Professionals:

  • Life Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Acupuncturists
  • Naturopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Health Coaches
  • Longevity Wellness Specialists
  • Teachers
  • Pastors, Ministers
  • Group Leaders
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Pain Management

Customers needing help with:

  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Spirituality
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Meditation
  • Empty Nesters
  • Brides
  • Mother of the Bride
  • Difficult Life Change
  • Letting go of past trauma
  • Church Groups
  • Women’s Groups
  • Mother’s Groups
  • Husbands and Wives
  • Grandparents
  • Employees/Employers

I'm Ready to Help My Business and My Clients!

A Sneak Peek

Throughout the Course of the Next 12 Weeks You Will Be Diving Deeply into What Makes You Tick and Creating The Fundamental Changes You Desire in Your Life.

  • Control
  • Balance
  • Trusting the journey
  • Journaling and introspection
  • Finding guidance
  • Emotions
  • Letting go / Character traits
  • Taking responsibility / Stress
  • Goals / Sleep
  • Maintenance
  • Connection / Meditation
  • Being of service


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Have a team of health professionals?

Do you plan on having multiple practitioners or health coaches using this program in your business? Check out our Enterprise Packages for pricing on multiple program licenses.


What is the "A Lighter Life" program?

The A Lighter Life program is a beautiful, professional guide through the process of freeing yourself from unnecessary things that way you down.  It gives you the tools to educate, inform and support your client in a one on one situation or a group program.  It gives you all the tools to communicate, from marketing to supporting your clients.

What will I receive?

A Lighter Life is a is a digital product. It will be ready for download immediately. You will not receive a printed, hard copy book in the mail.

It can be printed at your local printer or by you on your printer or you may purchase a hard copy from us after you have purchased the digital copy. It is beautiful when printed.

What should I charge?

This program has been price anywhere from $99 for group programs to $275 for individual and small groups.  It is a very good introductory level program to use and upsell to more long term “habit changing” programs like the 6 month program.

What is your guarantee policy?

I want you to know that we are on your side. If you aren’t happy with our program, we don’t want to keep your money. Just e-mail us within 24 hours and we will happily refund your purchase price, no questions asked. You can feel comfortable when purchasing any of our products.

To receive the guarantee:

  1. You must e-mail us at with the receipt (Paypal or Infusionsoft)
  2. State your reason for return
  3. Include a note saying that you have not downloaded or printed it out and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
  4. You must do this within 24 hours of purchase.
Do I have to be a certified Health Coach to use this program?

Our programs are meant to be used by all qualified health professionals, including—but not limited to—Health Coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, qualified personal trainers, psychologists, nurses, physicians and chiropractors and life coaches.

How can I use this product?

This program must be used for one-on-one or group health coaching – it is not for resale to other health coaches.

You should use this program with your clients, and send out worksheets in advance of your meetings. You can send it digitally or have it printed out and hand or mail it to your clients. You can change things, add things and take things out. These are specifically designed to be flexible to the needs of each coach and client. You will need to leave the copyright in place and notate any changes you make.

Can I give the digital books to my clients?


Is customization included with the A Lighter Life program?

Customization is not included, however, you can have it customized here:

I don’t have my logo yet. Can I have it added at a later date?

Yes. If you would like, we can include a photo in the “Meet Your Health Coach” page and change it out later. The photo is a nice touch.

Can I edit this program?

You are allowed to edit the program as long as the copyrights for The Health Coach Group remain as is and you notate all additions and changes on the copy.  We have a FREE tutorial on the program access page that teaches you how to edit a Powerpoint.t.

How do I edit the program myself?

Windows users:  PowerPoint, Word or the latest version of Adobe Acrobat

Mac users:  Keynote or Quikoffice or Office for Mac

The Program was created in PowerPoint to give you more options for use. You will get best results by editing the PowerPoint Presentation.

guarantee seal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Refund Policy: If you purchase this program and don’t absolutely love it, let us know and we will cheerfully refund your payment in full.

To receive the refund:

  1. E-mail us at attaching your receipt.
  2. State your reason for seeking a refund.
  3. Include a note confirming that you have not downloaded or printed out any of the program materials, and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
  4. You must request your refund and provide the above information within 24 hours of purchase.

All Terms & Conditions and all of our copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights remain indefinitely, even after a refund has been provided.

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