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Our conversations help health coaches all around the world to raise your business to the next level and get more clients.


Instagram for Health Professionals with Shereen Pasha. Learn how this tool can help you to build your business.

Health Professionals – Functional Medicine with Dr Gailla Strong. How a health coach can be an asset.

Health Professionals – Make Money Online With Programs. The steps to get you up and running.

Health Professionals – Online Platform – HIPAA, Communication, Tracking, Practice management with Healthie.

Story Telling with Marsha Shandur.  How to tell your story effectively and let your customer know they’re right where they belong by sharing it.

LinkedIn for Health Professionals with Karen Yankovich.  Why and how to use the LinkedIn platform to get new customers and partners.

Health Professionals – How to Quit Holding Yourself Back.  You may be putting limitations on yourself, the steps to move forward.

Health Professionals – How to create a subscription/membership program that benefits you and your clients.

Software Tools for Health Professionals to do business online. Software tools we’ve used and loved.

Introduction – What is Health Coach Conversations Podcast? PLUS, learn The Health Coach Group Story.