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Our conversations help health professionals all around the world elevate their businesses to the next level and get more clients.


Cathy talks with Sheri Rosenthal about the value of offering retreats and how to integrate education to give your clients the best experience possible!

JJ from Level Sleep joins Cathy to talk about healthy sleep habits  and the impact of sleeping on a surface that truly provides the support your body needs

Many do not understand the medicine involved in this practice. Cathy talks with her friend about the benefits of the “highest form of the medicine”.
Karen Yankovich returns to the show to talk with Cathy about 3 ways to leverage your connections on LinkedIn and reach your target market.

It’s recommended that you “touch” your clients 6-14 times to ensure a solid connection. Learn why  touchpoints are crucial to growing your business.

Cathy and Sandee talk about why it’s important to understand your market, niche, marketing, business plan and model in order to have a successful business.

Ashlie joins Cathy to talk about the differences between MLM, pyramid schemes and the differences between direct sales and regular retail sales.  

Today, Cathy shares some of the different ways doctors, chiropractors, and other practitioners can benefit by partnering with a health coach.

Cathy shares valuable information that will help turn your expertise into recurring income so you can stop stressing about your coaching business.

In today’s episode, Cathy and Tara Gesling talk about gardening and the importance of gardening for our health. Learn all about it here!

In today’s episode, Cathys chats with Stefani Wooldridge, a registered dietitian, about the importance of gut health and how it affects your overall health.

In today’s episode, Cathy talks about what it takes to be successful with an online course and what you need to do to prepare.

In today’s episode, Cathy interview Francesca Puccio and talks about her unique way to keep her clients motivated!

In today’s episode, Cathys discusses some tips and tricks to get some customers and build your base quickly!

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