Our conversations help health professionals all around the world to raise your business to the next level and get more clients.

It’s recommended that you reach out or “touch” your clients 6-14 times to ensure a solid connection. Learn why  touchpoints are crucial to growing your business.

Cathy and Sandee talk about why it’s important to understand your market, niche, marketing, business plan and model in order to have a successful business.

Ashlie joins Cathy to talk about the differences between MLM, pyramid schemes and the differences between direct sales and regular retail sales.  

Today, Cathy shares some of the different ways doctors, chiropractors, and other practitioners can benefit by partnering with a health coach.

Cathy shares valuable information that will help turn your expertise into recurring income so you can stop stressing about your coaching business.

In today’s episode, Cathy and Tara Gesling talk about gardening and the importance of gardening for our health. Learn all about it here!

In today’s episode, Cathys chats with Stefani Wooldridge, a registered dietitian, about the importance of gut health and how it affects your overall health.

In today’s episode, Cathy talks about what it takes to be successful with an online course and what you need to do to prepare.

In today’s episode, Cathy interview Francesca Puccio and talks about her unique way to keep her clients motivated!

In today’s episode, Cathys discusses some tips and tricks to get some customers and build your base quickly!

On today’s call, Cathy interview Jared Yellin, founder of Synduit. They discuss the history of Synduit and everything Synduit has to offer.

Today, Cathy interviews health coach Constance “Connie” Brown-Riggs. Connie is a registered dietitian and is a certified diabetes educator.

On today’s call, Cathy chats with Megan Clarke of Clapping Dog Media to discuss SEO, how to increase your traffic and the importance of SEO.

Join us today as we hear from Cheryl Giambattista and what she has done to move her business to the level of success that she is currently at!”

For today’s episode of Health Coach Conversations, Cathy and Ashley talk with Marie Forleo about her super successful online business school “B-School”

Today, Cathy and Sandy talk about how to get your health coach business generating money as quickly as possible after losing a job!

Join us today as Cathy chats with Thom Underwood about Functional Health Coach!  Learn what it is, what led him to it, and much more!

Today, Cathy talks with Shereen Pasha, launch strategist, about how to promote and fill a program even if you don’t have a big list to start with!

Today, Cathy talks with Martha Brown, a health coach that specializes in self-care and recovery. Learn all about her journey and more!

Join us today as we chat with Doctor Rhonda  Cambridge-Phillip who is also a Health Coach!  We learn all about her journey and her self-care tips!

Today we chat with Karen Yankovich and learn all about how to use Twitter to boost your business and online presence. Become an online influencer!

Today we chat with Adrian McIntyre and learn all about storytelling and why it is so important to your business and getting your message out there!  

Join us today as Cathy discusses how to market your program and build your list!  With lots of tips and ideas!

In today’s episode, Cathy provides us with tips on how to get more participants in your coaching program.  

Join us today as we talk with Sandy about how to move forward with your business with what you already have!  

Join us today as we chat with Karen Yankovich, social media expert, about LinkedIn and what it can do for you and your business!  Learn tips, tricks, and more!

Join us today to learn about what it takes to successfully build and maintain your blog! From content, layout, topics and more, Cathy will talk about it all!

Join us today to talk with Karen Wright about environmental toxins, what you can do to make your home safe and much more!

Join us today as Ashlie discusses effective goal setting and discusses some of the tricks and tools to help you be successful with your time management.

Join us today as Ashlie interviews Judy Prokopiak and learns about cultivating happiness and some tips to change your mindset.

Learn some of the tips and tricks Cathy uses to make more money and grow her customer base. She also discusses some of the tools she uses to accomplish this.

Meet Karen Wright and learn all about toxins in your environment and expanding your market with clever marketing ideas.

Learn all about sleep and how it affects your health and other aspects of your life from Sleep Expert Amy Korn-Reavis!

Learn the technical and mechanical steps to take before, during, and after a coaching session

Learn all about what rates you should charge for your services and for your programs.

Learn some of the details you need to know to be legally protected in your Health Professional business!

Podcasting Like a Pro with Travis Brown of Podcast Buddy. Find out how podcasting can help you!

Learn to address marketing your practice and business, and the best ways for you to grow your business through marketing.

Branding for Health Professionals with Laura Brooker. Find out why it is important for your business to have a custom brand.

Sales Tip for Health Professionals with Jessica Magoch. Find out how to improve your sales approach with this podcast.

Judy Prokopiak tackles the difficult topic of money.  Learn to evaluate the relationship you have with money.

Lisa Fraley discusses easy legal steps you should be taking to protect your health coach business.

Instagram for Health Professionals with Shereen Pasha. This tool can help you to build your business.

Health Professionals – Functional Medicine with Dr Gailla Strong. How a health coach can be an asset.

Health Professionals – Make Money Online With Programs. The steps to get you up and running.

Online Practice Management Platform – Program disbursement, HIPAA compliant, communication, and tracking.

Story Telling with Marsha Shandur.  How to tell your story effectively and let your customer know they’re right where they belong by sharing it.

LinkedIn for Health Professionals with Karen Yankovich.  Why and how to use the LinkedIn platform to get new customers and partners.

Health Professionals – How to Quit Holding Yourself Back.  You may be putting limitations on yourself, the steps to move forward.

Health Professionals – How to create a subscription – membership program that benefits you, your clients, and creates dependable income.

Software Tools for Health Professionals to do business online. Cathy shares the companies and tools she’s used and loved over the years.

Introduction – What is Health Coach Conversations Podcast? PLUS, learn The Health Coach Group Story, more about Cathy,  and much more