B-School & Inner Circle

The Perfect Pair to Elevate Your Wellness Business 

Are you considering where to invest in your business, heading into 2020?

We’re thrilled to announce that between THCG and Marie, we’ve created the most powerful bundles of online training and wellness programs to help Health Coaches achieve their goals.

When you purchase Marie Forleo’s B-School through our affiliate link, we’re happy to offer you access to our Inner Circle for 6 months at no additional cost!

Check out the highlights of both programs below!



B-School is an 8 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presense.

Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, B-School will challenge you to execute at your highest level.  It’s designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.


B-School trainings are released in weekly modules and consist of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and Fun Sheets.  All of the training is online, contained in the private B-School member online site.  Students can view the training videos, connect with others, and compare notes with classmates.  

B-School also includes interactive components like “office-hours” where Marie answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, you’re a B-Schooler for life.  You can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists.



I share because of quality, content, and purpose.  I have used it and will continue to use it as long as I have a need.  There is information linked to this page for you to learn about the benefits and features and for you to discern if b-school will benefit you.  My story is at the bottom of the page, where you will see why this is one of the few products I encourage you to invest in.

Are You Ready to Invest in Growing Your Business?

Yes! I want to learn from 2 of America's top Coaches

Coupled With The Health Coach Group’s Inner Circle

You’ll get unlimited access to The Inner Circle.  Years of tutorial and interview recordings, Inner Circle Intermittent Workshops, Recipe Book, Business Tools, Coach-Client Programs, our 12 Week Business Planner, Online Marketing Mastery, Membership Mastery, License for reuse of blogs, e-book, sales presentation, and a lot more.

What’s Included?


Support Materials

  • Intermittent Workshops
  • How-tos
  • Self-Care e-Book Opt-In Offer
  • Facebook Posts
  • Opt-In Offers
  • Coaching Brochure
  • Sales Presentation
  • Recipe Book
  • 3-6-9-12 Month’s to Greater Health Ready-to-Launch Program
  • 7 Year Library of Expert Interviews and Tutorials
  • One new program per year

How-to for Health Coaches

Tutorials for:

  • Setting up a WordPress website
  • Setting up e-commerce
  • Setting up an affiliate program

Annual Skill Building Workshops

  • 4-Week Coaching – Continuiing Education
  • 4-Week Social Media Marketing – Continuiing Education


  • Building Abundance A Business Plan in 12 Weeks
  • Online Marketing Mastery Setup Your List Building/Sales Sequence in 4 weeks
  • Facebook in an Hour
  • Social Media PlayBook
  • Membership Mastery Learn how to create your own subscription membership in 5 weeks

Inner Circle Workshops

  • Intermittent workshops for Inner Circle Members to help you to utilize all the programs and tools.  We have technical and marketing tutorials as well as interviews and Q&A sessions.


  • 10% Discounts (when you’re ready)
  • Health Coach Registry

Blog Articles

  • Articles for blogs may be used.  You can change them, add to them, subtract from them.  Just don’t post it as is and say you wrote it.  They are ready to be copied and pasted into a blog or newsletter.  Just add pictures and go!


  • Support
  • Inner Circle Facebook Group Business Mentoring
  • Optional:
    • Branding Service
    • Delivery
    • Individual Coaching
    • Marketing Help

Are you currently an Inner Circle Member? 

Contact support after you enroll and Amanda will get you an “B-School Equal Value” Gift Certificate 

All Inner Circle Members enrolling in B-School receive a credit for programs and technology equal to the price of B-School, $1997

Happy Business Building!

B-School Closes February 28

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Cathy’s B-School Story.

B-School is one of the most valuable investments I ever made. I made my money back by the 2nd week.

My life was fine before B-School. I had a successful 32-year-old business. I was happily married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

My parents lived in Florida, and my son in England. It was hard to travel and visit. It was expensive and it was hard to take time off work.

I was an interior designer and supported my family with my business. In 2009 I got pretty sick and changed the way I ate to affect my health. My big dream became to build businesses for health coaches – something they could walk into and start coaching.

But my bigger dream was to be able to work from anywhere and visit my son and his kids and my parents. B-School not only taught me how to conduct a healthy business online, it connected me to people who have enriched my life. I consider my experience in B-School one of the most valuable investments I’ve ever made. I more than made my money back by the 2nd week and today it’s priceless.

Funny story: I didn’t tell my husband how much B-School cost – I knew he would flip a gasket and I knew I was going to do it anyway, so we just skipped the gasket part. About 10 months after I started he asked me how much it cost. I told him and he said, “worth every penny.”

Without B-School I would still be in my brick and mortar. There would be no The Health Coach Group without Marie. I would not have been able to spend weeks with my dad a couple months before he died – I would have missed it. I would still be relying on Skype 12 months a year instead of getting real life in-person hugs from my grandkids. I would still be driving a Saturn instead of a BMW that makes me smile when I pull away from stop lights.

My work also enables 12 other people to have incredible income and I help 1,600 health coaches a year set up prosperous businesses with programs that transform the lives of thousands of people. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

In short, I would say, do this for yourself and your family.  You deserve it.  It’s even better with your bonus offer. I opened up the doors to the Inner Circle Membership for this couple of weeks.  










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