Your List – 0-6500 in 5 months or Less

Podcast 108

Whether you’re a business owner starting fresh or a new entrepreneur just getting started, building your email list is a challenge well worth your effort. Ashlie Pappas talks with Cathy about why she decided to rebuild her list from scratch, her experience with advertising, and why having some clients opt out can be just as beneficial as having clients opt-in!  

In this episode, Cathy and Ashlie discuss

  • Ashlie’s role at the Health Coach Group 
  • Why Ashlie started from zero with her new email list 
  • How much time and energy spends nurturing her list
  • What kind of advertising Ashlie uses and what she’s learned using different platforms
  • Different opt-ins Ashlie’s used to grow her list 
  • Why Ashlie chose to use her own ad copy vs. paid ad copy
  • Ashlie’s daily ad budget and why different opt-ins work better at different times 
  • Paid vs. free challenges Ashlie enjoys offering 
  • How Ashley leverages Insight Timer for recurring income 
  • The mindset shift Ashlie experienced from the pandemic 
  • Ashlie’s current revenue streams
  • The value of knowing your ideal client and believing in your mission
  • Advice for those ready to build their email list and health coaching business  


    Ashlie Pappas is married with two teenage children. She has been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade as a nutrition counselor, weight loss specialist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, health coach, meditation teacher, and essential oil educator. She is the founder of Naturally Ashlie-Naturally Oiled, and the host of the successful Stress Free Naturally and Naturally Recovered Meditation Podcasts. She’s personally lost over 100 pounds, as well as adapted to life with a debilitating nervous system disorder.

    When not hard at work, Ashlie gets outdoors as much as possible, frolics, plays ice hockey, and tackles her bucket list. She helps others to learn to love themselves again through simple and realistic lifestyle shifts that include nutrition and healthy eating, physical activity, stress reduction, and activities that bring more meaning and joy into life. Through her blog, podcast, courses, and coaching, she’s dedicated her life to helping others to prioritize themselves, reduce stress and achieve their health and wellness goals. 


    • Memorable Quotes:

      • “The people who are really meant to work with me—they want to be marketed to, they want regular email, they want to see me on a consistent basis.” 
      • “What brings your audience to you is your message and you convey that message better than any ad agency could.” 
      • “Growing my list and getting new people in my audience, a big thing has been really looking for areas where I can collaborate and doing it fearlessly because really—there’s nothing to lose.”   


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