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Ask anyone who attended, this was the best one yet. Any of the coaches who participated are on track for a banner 2017.  We had one on one coaching and planning as well as “our love seat”.  Named as the love seat because the hot seat was too scary in 2014.

One of the options was a one on one with me.  They left very sure of their niche, ideal client and business model.  All but one had big changes to make.  They moved from their meeting with me to the “love seat”, a discussion about their business with a panel of volunteer extras and their group of peers.  It was like brainstorming session on steroids.

The next day, most of our customers made the trek up to West Palm for a tour of Hippocrates Health Institute. This was an adventure in raw food and lifestyle changes for healing.  They had an opportunity to meet Brian Clements and see the grounds.

We went over DSD and I think everyone had a better understanding of how the system works.  We explained the platform, the plugins, the ways to make easy changes and all the options.  There were a lot of features that the coaches didn’t even realize they had.

We introduced our new program for engaged health coaches who are at the top of their game and willing to work and play.  It’s HAC, or High Achiever’s Club.  If you’re interested let us know.  We absolutely don’t want dabblers in this program, there is an application process and you must be all in.  Contact [email protected]

Chel Hamilton talked about making changes, she also took her own little excursion of our attendees to the ocean for meditation.

Our group broke into smaller groups for masterminds to solve their most perplexing business problems.

Lisa Fraley, Attorney and health coach, talked about the law and what you can and can’t say.

Jeff Olson, Juice Plus, discussed income, passive and active.

On Sunday, we took a tour of all the Programs, how to use them, who to use them with and how many to use at a time.  We really went a little over on this and everyone got a good view of what we have.

We saw success stories.  Ashlie Pappas talked about “Whether You’re a Health Coach or a VA”, it was a good talk and she’s repeating it on Monday.



Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

We have room for 6 more people

Sign up for the event here.


I was shocked when I asked our attendees to complete a form and most of them still had not narrowed their niche or truly identified their ideal client.  They were floundering with their business model and a lot hadn’t even put their name on or taken the DIVI logo off their websites.

Well, that’s going to change.  They are directed.

  1. Establish your niche
  2. Identify and get to know your ideal client
  3. Establish a business model

Until you do this, you’re just really lucky you even have a client.  When you have that established.

  1. Get some help with clerical, copywriting, graphic and marketing.
  2. Get your professional support
  3. Learn how to create, present and market your product, program, service or membership.
  4. Work your tail off.

Then you need to set goals and take action.  Use SMART goals, just like the ones you use in your programs.

  1. Every day you need to take some action to get customers (live)…make calls, send emails, follow up.
  2. Every day you need to work toward building your list.  Don’t offer anything without getting a name and email in return.
  3. Every day you need to work to achieve your goals.

If this is a hobby for you, that’s okay.  You won’t make an income in this hobby, don’t expect it.

If you want to make money, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Do it now, not later.






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  1. Nia

    I left Health Coach Mastery feeling like I could move mountains in my business…so I started with Marie. She was gracious enough to let practice on her.


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