What is Health Coaching Conversations

What is Health Coach Conversations

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I believe it’s good to expand our reach and voice when we have something important to say and that Health Coaches need to hear my message – not long rambling talks, but short, sweet mini-courses.

That’s what this podcast will be all about.  I’ll be sharing with you what I myself have to teach, and we’ll have wellness, coaching, and business experts in for short interviews to learn what’s new and better!

We can do hard things, all of us.

In 2014, at our Club Med Event, I got on the flying trapeze and flew.  That helped me to do anything in my business because there’s absolutely nothing as terrifying as climbing up that ladder and crawling across on that tiny little swing and letting go.  I can still feel the shaking and the sweat as Lisa Fraley and a group of health coaches yelled at me that “I had this.” Scarier than climbing higher, would have been to chicken-out and turn back.  So up I went and, though it wasn’t pretty – I did it.

Compared to that, this is just a little scary.  By the end of this first podcast, I’ll have done it and all will be well.

You health professionals have a lot to share and this podcast is meant to empower you to get out of your comfort zone and take the steps necessary to uplevel your business and get more customers.

What Will It Look Like

We’ll have podcasts twice a week!

One podcast on Monday with new information and interviews and another on Thursday.

It will be “Throwback Thursday” where we’re taking some of my old interviews and tutorials that are most popular, cropping and sharing.  You won’t want to miss them.

If you subscribe, you’ll access it easily on iTunes.  If you want to access it on our site, you can.  There will be a gallery on our website where you can access any of our podcasts and even search by topic if you’re looking for particular information.

What Can You Do

Subscribe.  Then, give Health Coach Conversations a 5-Star Review and Rating on I-Tunes.

THEN…tell everyone you know!  Share on social media, it will help us to grow and enrich the results and what we can offer to you.

THANK YOU in advance!

Who Should Listen?

Any health professional.  Health Coaches, doctors, nurses, nutritionist, dietitians, personal trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists.  Anyone who is in the physical, mental, or spiritual health and wellness industry can benefit from what I’ll be sharing on the podcast.

My purpose for this podcast is to give you the clarity, confidence, knowledge, and motivation to grow, fine tune, and strengthen your business and get more customers.

  • Do you want more clients and money?
  • Do you lack the time to do what you want in your business and life?
  • Do you sometimes suffer from lack of motivation and/or follow through?
  • Do you feel like you’re “bad” at business or being the “boss” of others?
  • Are you technology challenged?
  • Are you uncomfortable with sales?
  • Do you envision a coaching business where you make a difference in the lives of others?

We’ll Be Covering Things Like:

  1. Coaching Techniques
  2. Law
  3. Business Planning
  4. Online Marketing
  5. Business Growth
  6. Social Media
  7. Health and Wellness
  8. Mindset

and much more.

We’ll Be Having Conversations With:

some of the most respected people in wellness, business, and coaching, as well as some health professionals who will talk to us about how they nailed it.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

  • I know what I’m doing. I’ve done it myself and for 1,000’s of health professionals.
  • We have a community of over 100,000 health coaches. We went from 0 – to that.  I’ve documented everything we’ve done and we teach it.
  • We create researched, accurate, well-sourced programs for health professionals to work with their clients without being physically there. The nice thing is that the programs are so professional, that they perform a second job of expressing your professionalism and expertise.
  • We’ve designed websites for health coaches and made them so affordable and easy that you won’t cry over them.
  • We’ve created workshops for coaches to learn better ways of doing business.
  • I put together teams like no other. Engaged, caring, smart, and effective.
  • We’ve partnered with exceptional companies to provide you what we don’t and you need.

Plus, I’m a health coach.  I know what you’re going through.

I want to make a difference in the lives of others and helping all of you does that.

Listen To Episode 3 Below:


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