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“I’m Not Your Guru”

What a Health Coach Can Learn from Tony Robbins

I was crying at his first “F” word. It’s a documentary of his 2014 “Date With Destiny” in Boca Raton.  I was not the only one crying – this is a tearful event because there are a lot of feelings.  He is the real thing.  You see his home in Palm Beach (real close to where we do our Health Coach Mastery Event.  They show Tony doing the things they teach in Sanoviv – he starts with a rebounder and a cold dip.

I’m one of those people who love peeking in people’s windows as you drive by at night and the lights are on and you can see through.  So I was pretty excited we could see inside his home in Palm Beach (real close to where we do our Health Coach Mastery Event.  They show Tony doing the things they teach in Sanoviv – he starts with a rebounder and a cold dip.

“A place that you go to uncover who you are and what you want at this stage in your life.” Who’s it for?  Someone who’s hungry.

He’s not your guru – he says he didn’t come to fix you because you’re not broken.  You’ll look for weeds and rip them out. He says that he doesn’t want to solve your problem, but he intends to deal with whatever it is that caused it in the first place.

BIG QUESTION:  What is an area of your life you aren’t happy with?

Who’s love did you crave most growing up?

Who did you have to be for that person?

Tony described one girl’s dietary problem as a low-level issue that just represents something else.  Seriously, he sent a beautiful young lady home to talk to her dad.  Her presented problem – she doesn’t eat at the right time of day.

So, if a health coach were to provide information to their customers – a little at a time, about health and wellness, and then really approached their deeper problems, would we affect more sustainable changes.,

There were some things that Tony did that reminded me an awful lot of Marianne Williamson, where he would turn your deepest darkest resentments into your strongest values and love.

A sideline on all of this was how he fed himself energy to give back. The patterns he has created in his life.  Voice exercise, the ocean outside his window, the rebounder on his   Rebounders, some green drops – he didn’t feed them to himself, his wife sprayed them in his mouth for him, dipping in freezing cold water, strength training, meditation, and quiet.  They didn’t show too much of his personal life – the life that is important to you and me, the wife, the kids, the family activity.

He looks for what is real, and he makes it happen.  A woman picked up the phone and broke up with her guy in front of 2,500 people.  She cried and cried, but you could see the relief, and everyone felt the possibility that is available to her now.  She’s miserable for a short time, but she’s relieved, very relieved.

The stories of the people in his group are unbelievable.  Just when you think you’ve got problems, you find out they’re nothing. The people in his rooms have been to the darkest places.  He has a technique, but he also moves with his instinct.  It’s a combination of love, contribution, technique, and instinct.  That’s how Tony Robbins helps people.

There was one woman who was considering suicide.  I’m not going to share all the stories here, but I will tell you, this lady’s story brought every bit of love out in the room.  Tony gave her a free coaching course, four men in the room promised to give her non-sexual love for a year.  She was given 100,000 toward working with other children/people who went through what she did and to help put a stop to it ever happening to anyone else.  Tony’s work with this woman did not only affect this woman but everyone in her family tree and all the people who were destined by birth or location to go through what she’d been through.

It was funny watching Tony with the man-woman thing.  He believes men are men and women are women and he celebrates their differences. Normally it upsets me when they put the man in charge, but he really doesn’t do that, he encourages strength and owning his masculinity.  He calls out the women who suck the manliness out of a man.  He pumps up the men who’ve turned into weenies.  Roles in relationships is a spiritual, emotional, social and romantic issue.

Progress equals happiness.  Tony believes this. Progress as happiness is my strongest value. That’s why when I quit growing and learning, I become unhappy.

One of the last exercises is the acknowledgment and owning their own Mission Statement and Values.  Integrating it into everything you do.  The final activity (shown in the video) is in gratitude and joy.  I can imagine how everyone there felt because just watching them left me feeling joyful and empowered.

Date with Destiny started a chain reaction.  Many of the people who were looking for a direction in their career, left to coach others to transformation. WHY?  If they left there to fulfill their purpose and transform their lives, did they choose to turn around and coach others?  They learned that it could be done, they saw it happen for themselves AND 2500 other people.They, like us (health coaches), see what a difference a small decision, action or value change, can make in one life and they wanted to be a part of it.

Watch the show.  It’s  good, and you’ll learn something.  I think you may learn things that will help you to coach.  You may also learn things that will assist you with your life.

“I’m Not Your Guru” is on Netflix.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch it now.

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

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