Wellness Retreats – Should You Be Offering Them?

Health Coach Conversations

Podcast 56

Sheri Rosenthal is an expert retreat leader and talks with Cathy about the value of offering retreats and how to integrate education to give your clients the best experience possible!

In this episode, Cathy and Sheri discuss the following:

  • The difference between a live event and retreats
  • How to make money from hosting a retreat
  • What transformational retreats are and why you should offer them
  • Suggestions for hosting a gut-friendly retreat
  • How retreats enhance your business and improve your client’s experience
  • Why you should incorporate a “bucket-list destination” for your retreats
  • The importance of education-based marketing and email list building to fill your retreat
  • Suggestions for how to plan and successfully host a retreat without losing money
  • Recommendations for how to add value to your retreat and keep it, high class.

Some business owners might shy away from hosting retreats but Sheri believes they’re an excellent way to increase your income and allow you to serve more people while enjoying the beauty of travel.


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