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Website Maintenance Checklist

Podcast 167

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Having a website should be an opportunity instead of an obstacle for your business. Amanda shares simple tips for maintaining your website! 

In this episode, Cathy and Amanda discuss

  • Different options for starter sites 
  • Advice for how to learn more about plugins and updates
  • Recommendations for updating websites and plugins 
  • Monitoring website traffic and what can cause a website to run slow 
  • Using a staging site to practice updates before updating main website 
  • Maintaining SSL certificates and what to do if you discontinue your site 
  • The difference between HTTP vs. HTTPS for web addresses 
  • Ways to increase SEO with new content and links from complementary businesses  
  • Why the Health Coach Group uses Divi and advice for branding your website 
  • Where to find support, keeping your site bill paid and membership sites
Memorable Quotes:

  • “You don’t want to have to try and recreate a site. That’s a bad thing. It’s just a pain. It would be horrible for us if we had to recreate our site from scratch.”
  • “One of the biggest factors in increasing your SEO is to get other sites to link back to your site.” 
  • “If you’re making an annual payment that’s easier. Put it on your calendar to make sure that your card is up to date. And that’s the thing with software—it’s not like a book where you can replace the book. You’ve got the only copy and when it’s in it’s housed on that place and when they get rid of it, then it is no more.”
Mentioned In This Episode:

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