Voice Lessons for Effective Speaking

Podcast 67

Whether you have your own podcast or not, speaking clearly and confidently is an important skill for any health coach or a business owner. Rachel Griggs shares helpful tips and tricks for taking your speaking voice to the next level! 

In this episode, Cathy and Rachel discuss the following:

  • How knowing how to sing can help improve your speaking voice
  • Tips for having a louder voice with bigger projection
  • How your breath impacts your speech 
  • Exercise suggestions to be a more engaging speaker
  • The benefits of  listening to yourself speak  
  • How to stay in your intentional place vs. correcting your speech “in the moment”   

Rachel Griggs graduated from Midland University and earned her B.A. in Music with an emphasis in Voice Pedagogy and Performance. Currently, Rachel gives monthly seminars and teaches students about vocal health and techniques for singing and speaking.   

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