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Using Social Media to Grow Your Business
Podcast 133


Using Social Media to Grow Your Business. Social media is constantly changing but it’s still a great way to grow your business and reach more clients. Cathy shares simple tips and tools to enhance your social media strategy! 

In this episode, Cathy discusses: 

  • Blend of organic growth and boosting
  • One platform that reaches everyone: Facebook
  • Implement what you know
  • Identify social media goals & objectives
  • Narrow down your target audience
  • Determine which platforms will help reach goals and focus on 1 or 2
  • Post for your followers 
  • Share the inside stories and behind the scenes
  • Be real: share your personal life
  • Boost your team members
  • Create and share short videos
  • Share laughter to keep things light 
  • Share partner materials if they’re relevant and helpful
  • Share health tips
  • Share inspiration
  • Share fans
  • Share questions with a graphic
  • Share your expectations for what you want your audience to do 
  • Share a call to action
  • 5 Engagement levels of Facebook: Share, Comment, Like, Click, Reach
  • Managing content and frequency
  • Different kinds of posts: quotes, blogs, promotions, questions, informational, videos, showcase, tips
  • How to build your own community on Twitter
  • Choose 1-3 Platforms for Social Media:

    Memorable Quotes:

    • If you want them to respond to your post, ask them to.”
    • “Social media builds—don’t give up!”
    • “Select a platform that compliments your business and don’t overdo it.”


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