Starting Your Business & Using Tripwires
Podcast 130

Whether you’re new to the health coaching business or have been in the game for years, achieving and maintaining success takes a lot of hard work but is totally possible if you know where to focus your time and attention. Ashlie explains why you must constantly build your list and your business, and always be ready to sell so you can get more people aboard the “Yes Train”!  

In this episode, Ashlie discusses

  • Benefits of being new to business with zero following
  • Why you must always build and nurture your list
  • The need for having an opt in
  • Optimizing your social profiles to highlight your business
  • Making it easy for people to buy from you
  • Tripwires and how to use them on your website 
  • Understanding how you support your ideal clients’ journey 
  • Encouragement to sell and make additional offers 
  • Different ways to continue building your business
  • The reality of online program completion rates
  • Advice for showing love to your customers
  • Adapting your program to your clients’ learning styles
  • Suggestions for testimonials 

    Memorable Quotes:

    • “If I were to Google you, would I find a way to get on your list? If I were to go to your website right now, would there be a way to sign up for your program right now?”
    • “Think about the user experience because people aren’t going to dig around your website for a way to work with you.” 
    • “When we don’t sell to our audience, we’re neglecting them because they’re coming to us for an answer. They want to know what their next step is and if we don’t tell them, we’re not serving them appropriately.”


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