Top 3 Actions to Take on LinkedIn Now

Top 3 Actions to Take on LinkedIn Now

Podcast 53

We all know the value of networking when it comes to growing your business. You would never walk into an event and immediately give a sales pitch to a complete stranger, and you shouldn’t do it social media, either! Karen Yankovich returns to the show to talk with Cathy about 3 ways to leverage your connections on LinkedIn and reach your target market.

In this episode, Cathy and Karen discuss the following:

  • Why you need to narrow down your niche
  • How LinkedIn allows for targeted networking
  • The growing benefits of LinkedIn Ads
  • Using a personal page vs. a company page on LinkedIn
  • Why your LinkedIn profile should tell others about you but focus on them
  • Start building your connections by starting small and sending messages
  • Different ways to provide value to your LinkedIn connections
  • The benefits of interacting with Groups
  • 3 Ways to use LinkedIn as a business owner
  • How to avoid violating LinkedIn’s Terms of Service
  • Karen’s free LinkedIn Workshop

Karen specializes in using LinkedIn as a tool to connect with others. This social media platform is constantly evolving and the benefits it provides to business owners are endless. Here are 3 of Karen’s most current suggestions for successfully using LinkedIn:

3 Tips for Using LinkedIn

1—Don’t skip the connecting piece: Make consistent connections by searching for those who will be valuable to your business and send connection requests weekly.

2—Make sure you have a great profile: Your profile should be client-facing and focus more on your client and make them want to connect with you.

3—Keep up with your LinkedIn inbox: Keep your inbox open and respond to messages so others will know you value their connection.


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