Tina Asks Cathy – Health Coach FAQ’s

Podcast 86

The Health Coach Group provides amazing resources and support if you’re looking to finally start your own coaching business. Tina joins Cathy to ask the most common questions people wonder about the Health Coach Group. Some answers may surprise you while others are sure to inspire you to consider joining a great community of health coaches and wellness industry business owners!

In this episode, Cathy and Tina discuss the following:


  • Where should I start when beginning my business?
  • How fast can I get my business started?  
  • Can I integrate my own programs with the Health Coach Group membership site?
  • What should I offer my clients after the membership program I offer finishes? 
  • How many coaches are part of the Health Coach Group? 
  • Can I use the Health Coach Group programs for 1 on 1 coaching AND group programs?
  • What’s the best way to deliver Health Coach Group programs to clients?
  • What is Healthee?  
  • I have my own website. Can I add the Health Coach Group membership site to it? 
  • Do you provide support or a virtual assistant (VA) for my personal website?
  • How many pages does my starter site come with? 
  • Do I pay a yearly fee for my Health Coach Group membership site? 
  • Do I pay a yearly fee for my starter site? 
  • Can I add more programs to my membership site later? Is there a fee?
  • How do my clients pay me? Do I need to set that up? 
  • How do I build a list, attract & retain customers? 
  • Does the Health Coach Group have a mentorship program?
  • What’s the most popular Health Coach Group program?
  • Do I collect taxes from my clients? 


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