I have been so busy getting this new business off and running that I have neglected to do what I tell everyone else to do.

That is to put my life vest on first.

I slowed down on my workouts.  I quit eating the things that I know I should…because it took too long to make.  I started eating things that were sitting around and easy to grab.

Yesterday I felt sluggish when I should have still felt energy.  This morning I woke up and my nose was plugged, my head felt like cotton balls and my throat felt inflamed…Yes, I let wheat and dairy in this weekend.  You would think I would know better by now.

So, I am renewing my commitment to self.

Today, I ate well…100%

I juiced some wheatgrass.

I rode my bike.  (I felt much more energy at 8:30 a.m.)

I am going to walk away from my computer …right after I finish this.

I am going to juice …


my favorite green drink

1 head of kale

1 stalk of celery

1 fennel

1/2″ ginger

1 pkg snap peas

4 granny smith apples

2 fuji apples

1 orange

Okay…off I go.  This should clean me up a little!


copyright 2012 Cathy Sykora All rights reserved.



  1. Lisa

    Way to go, Cathy! : ) I think all of us can get caught up in life and let good habits slip. I lost – and gained back! – 30 lbs in less than a year! Yikes! I want to work on my health, have never tried a green drink. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Total newbie question here, but I’m assuming you use a juicer to make that or ? TIA!

    • Cathy

      Thank you Lisa. Good for you, focusing on your health instead of your weight will take care of both! I use a Breville Juicer for my veggies, it is a little more expensive…but I use it, so for me it was worth the extra. It has a big feeder tube so I don’t have to chop my vegetables before I juice. It is also easy to clean and I use the pulp to compost in my garden. ~Cathy

  2. Tabi(tha) Jayne

    Haha! I’m laughing as I read this because it sounds all too familiar. I’ve just been sitting scratching at my skin wondering what’s going on and then realising that I’d let a bit of wheat into my diet again. Having changed country’s for a month I went a bit off balance but I’m getting back there and will be spending some more time today exercising and relaxing!


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