The Truth About the Making of Sharing the Health

The book is out!  It is a really good book too!

Some of my mentors were kind enough to contribute and I have some great health tips included.  We started out with over 130 submissions and ended up with about 90 that made the cut.  We then weeded it down from there by the recipes we could follow easily.

Now that the book is finished, and while it is fresh in my mind, I want to share some of the stories about my book being made.

If anyone ever tells you that making a book is easy, don’t believe them!  This took me 2 months longer than I anticipated and in the last few weeks, there were 3 of us working diligently to insure the book was perfect.

One of the greatest things about this book was the teamwork and contribution.  It was also one of the things that made it most difficult.

I love my health coaches.  The thing about us…we all want to change the world.  We have figured some things out, then gone to school to learn more…and now we want everyone else to know too, especially those we love.  This is the magic of this book.  These health coaches are sharing their recipes and tips freely and with lots of love.

I have some mentors, people who I have admired and learned so much from!  All I had to do was ask and they shared some of their favorite recipes.  I feel so blessed to have had Mimi Kirk (voted sexiest vegan over 50 by PETA), Penny Shelton (mastermind and really hard worker behind Rawfood Rehab), Paul Risse (the man who is spreading health through Cleanse America), Andrea Beaman (Top Chef and thyroid specialist who lectured at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition)…I couldn’t believe my luck that they so willingly contributed their magic to my book.

My health coach, Janet Luongo,  at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition contributed and cheered me on.

For the most part, this book was enveloped in love.  The health coaches who contributed to this book were absolutely wonderful.  Robin took all the entries and put it into a shell and Alex, Patty, Kim and I, edited and edited and edited.   We tested links and caught some that were linked to the wrong person (phew!…I could have gotten in trouble over that).  Patty and I had fun while we edited.  We giggled a lot.  The final edits came just the day before release.

Christie Halmick, from Jewels Branch, helped me with a session to go over the e-book format and tips on how to make it look good.  She emailed me this long list of tips.  I kept them all in mind and when the book was complete, went back over all of it to be sure I didn’t forget anything important.

This book does not have affiliate links and we worked really hard not to push any products.

I love the tips!  I enjoyed writing my tips…Patty wanted to edit my first two out…don’t over indulge in food…and don’t over indulge in alcohol!  She didn’t think that sounded like much fun.  One of these days we will figure out an “all you can eat and drink” health plan…but for now, it will stay in the book.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as we have.  I think my next book will be a compilation of stories about people healing themselves.

I will be donating 100% of the profit on this e-book to JDRF.    I have a great interview with Cate Rongish on Juvenile Diabetes Research.  There is no doubt that every penny will be put to good use.  It started out just a regular old e-book for profit.  There was a lot of work to go into the book.  I feel better doing that work for a higher cause than money.  I was doing the 5k for JDRF.  I kind of drained everyone with the 1/2 marathon for Make a Wish in 2009…so, I decided instead of fundraising for the run, I would donate part of the profits for the book to JDRF…then, how do you decide what part to donate?  I had another person send me the list of questions at the beginning of my work.  I figured that I would donate the profits from the first few months, but how do you account for that and know where to cut off.  So, that is my story on how I came to donate 100% of the profits of my e-book.

I have my first e-book.  I am really excited about the fact that it is an e-book and we saved loads of paper.  We are green!  You can print it if you like, but you don’t have to.  It is set up as a pdf and you can pull up the page as you want to prepare the recipe…it saves room in your house too!  I have many e-books with recipes.  I print it out and put it into a binder (only my favorites).  I also will pull a recipe up on my IPad and prepare from there.

Let me know how you use recipes from an e-book!  Thanks so much for listening to my stories.  I would do it all over again, it has been a wonderful experience.

You can buy the book by clicking on this link!

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