30% Off Done-For-You Programs

Ha!  I bet you’ve heard…


We’re expanding our group.  We’ve stepped back into the world of MLM’s with both feet and immersed our heads as well.


If my marketing skills are any good ….you should know by now.


Before you stop reading – please go on – it’s a good story and I’m going to tell you how this will benefit all of our health coaches – whether you become a member of our team or not.




We are not promising that anyone will make 6 or 7 figures – but I am promising the potential and the tools are there for you.  There are currently people making that much without half the support and material you will have.  As always, what comes out is dependent on what goes into it.


I’ve been – I should say WE – because we’ve got this incredible group put together already. We’re still looking for people to join our team – we want to be the largest team – and we’ve already hit

the pavement running.


Why did we decide to help health coaches to add additional revenue streams to their businesses?  Well, it’s kind of a long story (sorry).


#1  Health Coaches NEED Passive Income to Get By


I’ve always told you all that you need passive income.  You just can’t live on hourly and one on one coaching.  Click here for a copy of  The Ceiling for health coaches.

Our programs are designed to help you with this – adding products gives you one more stream.


#2 Most Coaches Need Help in Business


Yes, it’s true.  Most health coaches are all excited – all the way through school, they graduate and look around.  Where are the customers?  Oops – what didn’t we learn in school?  The problem is this is a new industry and there aren’t jobs out there waiting for health coaches like there are for scientists, doctors, nurses and business majors.  You have to make your own jobs or create a business – and believe me there is a difference.


#3  We Have Everything it Takes to Start a Business as a Health Coach


After the last few years of constantly producing things that health coaches need to get going in their business – we’ve got it.

We listened and we created it all.

  • Programs
  • Professional Business Tools
  • Instruction
  • Business Planning Course
  • Marketing Course
  • Social Media Instruction
  • An entire online business created for you with Designed, Sealed and Delivered®
    • website
    • pre-loaded programs for your clients
    • e-commerce built in
    • emails pre-loaded to support your clients through your programs
    • automated delivery of the programs upon purchase by your clients
    • webinars
    • recipes
    • appointment scheduling
    • branding guide
    • technical assistance
    • even optional virtual assistance

We sell it to health coaches every day and health coaches are making good income using it.

We’re currently active in bringing doctors and health coaches together to strengthen the health care system, so we’ve created coach-client programs with USANA products built in.

This is a win/win/win – and enables our USANA distributors to market in a whole new way – soft, effective and solving problems for their customers. This in combination with the support from USANA, Patti Rugg and Dr. Peter Rugg – you’re on one REALLY strong team.

Our Coach-Client Programs with USANA Product Integration:
• 28 Day Slim, Sexy and Smart
• 12 Day Detox
• 12 Week Physician Approved Healthy Habits
Coming soon – 28 Day Moderate Holistic Cleanse *combines our spiritual cleanse and modifies a strict detox to allow a longer time span


#4  I’ve Found a Company I Believe In

This is what turned the corner for me.

In November 2015, Patti Rugg, of Rugg Wellness, asked me to join her group in a trip to Sanoviv. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was a medical facility and that was all. At one time I’d thought about going to see the doctors there for a medical evaluation. I heard they were great – over and over again. I relaxed, learned a lot, relaxed some more – and by the end of my visit, I was thinking clearly and had all kinds of ideas to use my Sanoviv experience to help health coaches.

It was after that trip to Sanoviv that I became convinced that I could make a bigger difference in the world because of how USANA handles it’s resources and money to make a difference every place in the world. USANA’s products are the HIGHEST rated supplements in the world. The multinational company has researched and developed award winning products and great people who bend over backward to keep Dr. Wentz’s “healthier world” dream alive and growing around the globe. These factors plus the “heart” of USANA and the charities the company supports convinced me that I wanted to be a part of the USANA story.

Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D., founder of USANA, shares our vision.
He has centered his life around a dream of a world free from pain and suffering. A world free from disease. And he founded USANA to help further his dream by providing people all over the world with the most advanced supplements science can produce. The company was founded by a scientist—not a corporate suit.

We as health coaches/professionals want to make the world a healthier place.  There are so many people in this world who are just a few lifestyle changes away from a healthy and fabulous life.  We can help. So I came back and in less than a week signed up with USANA and started putting my ideas into motion.  Read more about my visit here.

The science, the practice and the heart of the company pulled me in and I decided I wanted to be a part of bringing this to more people. So…here I am. Sharing USANA business opportunities with thousands of health professionals – because it’s the right thing to do and it offers an opportunity for health coaches to share a great product, with a very soft sell – more filling a need than shoving something un-needed down people’s throats.


#5  It’s a Natural Fit for Health Professionals


Unlike the standard “distributor”, health coaches are working with people to improve their health.  You don’t have to sell the business.  As a health coach, it is an added benefit to your client to have access to the best products in the world.  That means they don’t have to do the research – spend 35 years (like me) taking the vitamins with 1 star ratings instead of 5 star ratings.  Get nutritional supplementation that is clean, safe and GMO free.  —– You see what I mean, it is an added bonus to working with you and it’s an added revenue stream for you.  Everyone wins.


The other thing – we have one of the largest communities in the world, we’re tight knit and we have the added bonus of being 98% really GOOD people because we’re in this business because we want to make a positive impact on the lives of others.


Health coaches are good people by nature.


So, we’re easy to work with and we help each other.  If I wanted every single health coach in the world to join us, I think if I showed you our group and our daily meetings – it would close the deal.  Our group is unlike no other.  We sweat for each other, we cry for each other, we laugh for each other and we love each other.  You don’t find too many MLM distributors who can say that about their upline and downline.


#6 Our History with MLM’s


Several years ago we were involved with MLM’s.

Several years ago, it was only me – a few subcontractors and my daughter who was helping me out part time.


I knew that health coaches needed passive income – that’s never changed.  Of course, like you, there’d been companies since the minute I was at IIN who were after me to partner with them and even more when we became the huge group that we are.

I did a lot of research and vetting and came up with the companies to work with.

At the time, it was impossible for me to manage anything additional on my own.  I was busy building programs, education and software platforms all by myself.  So, a couple of people who were with these companies agreed to take over the enrollment, training, placement and strategy end of the business.  My part was marketing and making it available to all of you.

We ran into a few issues with having someone else run our part of the business for us and had no choice but to remove ourselves from the business.  I turned one company over to my daughter and the other to a health coach who would take care of my people.  At the time – I didn’t have the manpower to take it on personally and would’ve ended up with some major problems by not being in control.  It was the right decision, everyone ended up better off for it.

I did a good job vetting because I liked the products and continued to use them – even when I wasn’t involved financially (LOL…well except paying for them) with them.


#7 So…..What’s different?


So…..when I went to Sanoviv, relaxed a little and started thinking of how I could make this wonderful company and their products work with our products and our coaches – it all came together.  I have the team now – DSD forced me into a new level and I’ve got an impressive team to say the least.  I even added more this week with 2 new graphic designers.


The #1 rule with MLM’s is you have to L-O-V-E the products and #2 they need to fit your niche.  Don’t carry athletic products when you are working with small children….you see what I mean.


Honestly, before, I vetted them and I liked the products, but for me…the oils were a bit woo woo and the supplements seemed kind of “middle of the road”.  That’s what’s different this time.  Ashlie is the queen of oils…she lives and breathes them.  If I want to know what to use – I go to her…she tells me and she’s always right.  Over the years, I’ve given up Mucinex in return for a couple drops of “Breathe” under my nose.  Lived through a horrid illness I caught from the kids – by putting Oil of Clove on my throat.  Use Lemon Oil and Frankincense regularly and I don’t take a shower without Balance and Citrus Bliss.

My trip to Sanoviv was truly life changing – I wish I could take each and every one of you with me to experience it.  I believe in everything that man is about – science, detox, spiritual (Ave Maria in the morning bells), health and nutrition – it’s like one step further into holistic.  That’s why I chose USANA – well – really, it chose me.


#8 Why I’m Giving Away the Store


Well, that’s the other thing.  I see a lot of people getting into MLM’s and it costs money.  You have to make an initial investment of anywhere between $35 and $2000, in our case, it’s not on the high end – generally around $600.  Then, you have to keep up a monthly auto ship – Generally around $220.  So, if you don’t get into it and start off running – it’s not going to produce income for you.  It will do just the opposite.  It would cost you money.

I have what you need to take off running.  I’ve got an incredible community and all the things listed above that you can use to get your business moving.  Ive got a team that you wouldn’t believe – actually, I get a little teary eyed when I talk about how much they care about you.  Karen has a group getting together this afternoon from our team to create web pages on their USANA sites – they’re going to get the job done and they’ll have fun doing it.  Patti and Peter (Dr. Rugg) take 2 meetings a week, it’s a BETA program – 90 Days to Achiever that we turned into 30 Days to Achiever because you guys are already in the health industry and you’re getting superb business education from me.  Then I take 3 days a week.  We’re helping you get your first 4 people in and we’re redoing Building Abundance to re-position your Business Plans and we’ll start going through and modeling your sales funnel online after mine.

So, by giving you about $10,000 worth of business tools, it’s going to help to get you moving.

We’ve got top network marketing people guiding us in proper placement for top income potential.

We’ve got the chair of the scientific board of USANA on our team.

We’ve got daily meetings to keep you on track and help you.

We’ve got this incredible team of health coaches who each bring their own special gifts to the table.

We have our team.


So…no health coaches left behind and spending money hoping to make money.  I don’t want anyone on our team in the hole.


You guys know me,  I need this to work – I’m putting my hard earned reputation into it.  So I’m stacking the deck.  That’s it and that’s why.


#9  What’s in It for Those of You Already Committed to Someone Else?


Those of you who are in our Inner Circle are going to be benefiting because we’re building our products into sales pages and putting them on DSD.  You can model yours after ours and just change the products.  Those of you who are already on your own teams in USANA or doTERRA – even though you can’t join our immediate distributor’s team – you’re still on our health coach team and I’m invested in helping you too.


You get the sames sales pages and the strategy to use this combination to market to your ideal client.  You also should go through Building Abundance again with an eye on building your products into your business.


Health Coaches are in a beautiful unique place with this and you should not build your business around a distributorship, but let that distributorship flow gracefully into your business to compliment your efforts to help people and increase your income substantially.



The question came up – why don’t you see Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr joining MLM’s? 

Answer:  Kris and Gabby have different business models – they do a variation and that is affiliate marketing.  They also aren’t in the business of helping health coaches create income and we are.  PS – I don’t even begin to put myself on the same level as them – but thanks!

The MLM’s are maybe not the best match for them – and really, maybe not so much for me either because I have affiliations and products that are already profitable and selling well – but for you – the combination of the MLM, our programs and our community – they are perfect and that’s why I’m here.

The question came up – how do we compete with THCG?

Answer:  You don’t compete with me.  We have a whole other target market than you.  We sell to health coaches and you sell to whoever your ideal client is.  We aren’t selling to ANYONE who isn’t in the health industry.

The question came up – how do you sell something you don’t believe in?

Answer:  We don’t sell or affiliate with anyone or anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves and love.

The question came up – what if I have a bad upline that isn’t helping me to succeed?  I want to be on your team.

Answer:  Go talk to your upline.  If you’re already a distributor for either of these companies, you need to stay where you are.  That doesn’t exclude you from the benefits of what we’ve created in our programs.  As our customers, you can have the same sales pages and use the same strategy of combining your products with our programs.  We are invested in you too.









Do you have questions?  How can I help you?  Talk to me in the comments below!






  1. Tara Gesling

    I’ve been a member of the Inner Circle since the beginning and now I’ve joined Cathy’s USANA team. I just want to take a moment and share my experience. First, the amount of support I am receiving is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced as a health coach! I was very hesitant to join an MLM. I thought about it a lot and came to realize that pretty much all businesses are an MLM to some degree, unless you’re manufacturing your own product! I was also very concerned about product quality. I’ve looked at many, many different brands over the years and for those of you who have read my best selling book, ‘The 180 Degree Wellness Revolution’…you will understand why quality is so very important to me. After weeks of asking deep questions and having my concerns directly addressed by the chair of the USANA Scientific Advisory Board and the head of R&D, I felt comfortable and decided to join Cathy’s team. I learned that USANA does have non-soy and gluten free options available for those with autoimmune conditions who don’t want to use soy or gluten. Also, the products are non gmo and the quality control is good. They even test for contaminants like heavy metals. I really like having a product that helps me to meet clients where they are…as they transition into a healthier life. I am happy to answer questions for coaches who are curious or not sure if this is a good fit. My email is [email protected], feel free to connect with me. I’m also on Facebook. I would love to help others expand their business as I am doing. You don’t have to do this alone!

    • Cathy

      Tara, I’m so glad you’re a part of our team. You ask such intelligent questions. You’re right, we are so lucky to be able to rely on quick and 100% accurate answers – never having to guess. Thanks!

  2. Shellie None

    Joining THCG USANA team was a huge step in the right direction for me. It was also a very scary one. Building a health coaching practice has been a challenge for me. I’ve made some mistakes and have had very little return on my financial investments. I had to work through that fear (and my husband’s) to realize how this partnership can really make a huge difference in my business.

    I also have 3 kids, a part-time job outside the home, and a husband with a high demand job. If you can relate, you know how important time management is! This team has been the best time management tool I have come across since starting to build my business.

    Cathy’s leadership, team building and business coaching are invaluable. And a team of passionate health coaches all working to support each other- what’s not to love about that!

    The USANA products are a great addition to THCG’s programs and can be incorporated into your own programs. Like Cathy says, it really is a win/win for everyone. You will have a quality, pharmaceutical grade line of supplements to offer your clients along with your coaching programs. You will be helping your clients achieve their goals while building your business with USANA.

    Has building a business been hard for you? Do you want to learn more about how the THCG and USANA can supplement your business model? Are you feeling scared and stuck like I was? I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact me at [email protected]. We are all in this together!

    • Cathy

      Thanks for everything you said Shellie. That fear is big. We’re talking about that tomorrow in Mentoring Monday, You took a big step to join us…very brave – wait until this week, we’re all going to have the opportunity to face our fears!

  3. Judi Moore

    I have been a USANA associate for 8 years and am using THCG products. My business has grown and I have access to all the programs the Ruggs have. If you are already in USANA you can do this. The products Cathy has developed are welcomed additions to a wonderful product. If you work hard and are consistent you can have a 6 figure income. The key words are work hard and consistent. With a great product you can reach your goals faster than you think. You will also develop a residual income off of the products you sell that go hand and hand with a healthy lifestyle. Welcome Cathy to the USANA family! Yes this company is a family and it’s amazing!

    • Cathy

      Thank you Judi! I’m very excited to be a new member of the USANA family. It’s definitely a loving family. There has been a lot of forward movement in the last couple years. I think we just really lucked out to step in at the time Dr. Oz is promoting it and there’s all that national advertising for the RESET. One of our team members has already lost 10 pounds with that! Thanks Judi.

  4. Julie Bodnar

    I just want to start out by saying I truly appreciate all you are doing to incorporate USANA products with THCG programs. It is WONDERDUL!! I’ve been with USANA for a few years and have a great upline with Team Northrup, Dr. Karen Wolfe and Dr. Deb Kern and your new marketing with the programs will be very beneficial. Thank you!
    I’m really looking forward to bringing myself up to speed so I can use the new sales pages.
    One thing I disagree with is that our clients are different. Having been in this.business awhile, I look for 2 types of clients- (1) preferred customers who only want to use the products, and (2) individuals in health related fields (includIng health coaches) who may want to be associates – they are the ones who are interested in passive income (as you have stated above) and we share common goals and interests.
    I see this as a win-win for everyone. Again, thanks and I look forward to using the materials once I get my website up to speed!

    • Cathy

      Hi Julie, Thanks! I’m glad you’re liking the program integration.

      That’s the thing about really nailing down your niche and ideal client. We only advertise to our target market. It keeps from brand confusion and the need to create two campaigns.

      I thought I would have a real disadvantage in selling the actual products because we work with people to build business…we leave the one on one client work to our customers. I was surprised that I would have some people who weren’t quite ready to make the investment in their business, but they do want to experience the product.

      This is a very nice surprise. It’s just like our list building – we nurture until they’re ready to commit and we don’t need to pressure anyone. It’s difficult if you’re a health coach (much less any type of business) to focus on two different target markets.

      I suggest against that. You really want your client to see anything you’ve branded and know they’re in the right place. If you’re speaking to 2 different audiences it’s very tricky. I’ve seen a few people do it, but it’s not smooth.

  5. Karen Sasine

    USANA and The Health Coach Group has been such a wonderful part of my life, providing me with not just a product I can believe in, but a team that feels like family. The support from everybody has been such an invaluable part of growing our businesses and being successful. In a short time I have seen so many coaches push themselves farther and harder to create the life of their dreams. Seeing how generous everybody is with their knowledge, focusing on our strengths is making us a force to be reckoned with. I believe the combination of THCG and USANA is a partnership that will prove to be incredibly successful! Please feel free to drop me a note of you have any questions. [email protected]

    • Cathy


      The Premier Platinum Pacesetter with 5 or 6 weeks to spare! Our team wouldn’t be the same without you.

  6. Julie Jones

    I have been a part of the Health Coach Group for over a year! I love the programs, the support and the encouragement from the other members. I was excited at the opportunity to join the USANA group – I have been with other direct sale companies before – but the support was missing and it is hard to work, learn, run a business without a game plan. Enter Cathy Sykora – she is the WHIZ at marketing, producing high quality programs with opt-ins and she SHARES that knowledge. Plus as a nurse I needed to know the products are top-notch. While I wish no one needed supplements – the truth is MOST of us need some support to change our health habits. USANA is a great company started by a physician with research to support it. USANA is constantly striving to update it’s current products to restore health and balance. If you would like more information – feel free to reach out. We want to support you on your journey -for your health or your business! [email protected]

    • Cathy

      Julie, Julie, Julie,

      You’re going to be the big star soon. I see you learning, growing and really spreading your wings. You’re going to explode and be a leader on our team. It’s fun to watch you.

  7. Mandy Gaskill, COTA/HHC

    I would love to get more information. I am in the process of “getting all my ducks in a row” and have been looking for something like this to integrate at start up. My website is almost finished and this is something I can easily add. Thanks so much!!

    • Shellie None

      Hi Mandy,

      We have something in common, I am an Occupational Therapist turned Health Coach! I am working part time in a children’s hospital and part time on my coaching business. Joining this team has really helped me to find a clear direction for my coaching business. I would love to hear more about how you came into health coaching, what type of clients you are working with and if/how you are incorporating your COTA background. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. My email is [email protected]

  8. Renee' Winne

    Great blog Cathy! I am honored to be a member of THCG USANA TEAM and I just want to say…those of you who are health coaches that have not yet looked how adding USANA’s products into your programs will give you the edge above other health coaches…you really need to . If what you have read here peaks your interest even a little bit…please do your due diligence and get your questions answered. Partnering with THCG USANA Team will be the best decision you will ever make! I am very happy with my decision. I am so confident with my health coaching programs with the addition of USANA. My practice has begun to soar because of it! I can’t thank Cathy enough! She is a marketing guru and in her heart wants us all to succeed. She will give you all the tools and support you need to make that happen.

    So please…feel free to chat with me anytime. I am here for you. WE are here for you!!
    Email me at: [email protected]

    In Good Health!

  9. Renee Winne

    P.S. How do I get my pic to show up on this comment thread? :/

  10. Marie Dill

    I am both honored and excited to be part of The Health Coach Group Team and now part of Usana. 2015 was a hectic year for me involving a move out of state and juggling the demands of family and work during the process. Under normal circumstances, I would have gone crazy but someone knowing I could take my work with me during the move helped tremendously. In November 2015 I was able to go to Club Med and spend time with Cathy and our fabulous team. From then on, things began to progress and grow. I have learned to organize my time to work smarter, not harder. Joining Usana has kept me very organized and to the point that I can’t wait to work on something new and help others to do the same. This is a total team effort and together we will grow and help change the lives of others. If you have any questions about how you can succeed in your health coaching business, please let me know. [email protected]

  11. Richard Fair

    This is such a really great time to be a part of this amazing group and enterprise. I look at it this way; if you are working with health clients and you truly want the absolute best for them, then being able to offer USANA products lets them know that you are not just any old health coach, you are one of the best and most caring health coaches. Plus, this is like having your own line of health care products right at your fingertips. The Free Health Assessment takes away the risk of seemingly prescribing for your client and offers an unbiased second opinion to the work you are doing. It’s a major win-win situation. Plus you get the added benefit of extra income.

  12. Richard Fair

    By the way, if you want more information, especially from a man’s perspective, you can contact me at [email protected]. Also, if you have questions about offering an affiliate link to your program with the opportunity to earn even more extra cash by promoting various programs offered through The Health Coach Group, let me know. This is a great opportunity. There are many health coaches who are working out there but have no clear cut products or established programs to offer clients.

  13. Mara Sweet

    Hi! I have an interest in becoming a health coach and have started a lifestyle site geared towards healthy living. (www.berriesandbrawn.com) I am still in the very beginning stages, and had planned to become a Doterra rep at some point as well. My question is, I have not yet completed any health coach/personal trainer certifications, but would like to start down that path, and plan to just as soon as my schedule allows. Currently I am in the Human Resources field and just need something to start getting traction, though I don’t have the confidence/experience just yet to promote myself as a coach on my own. Do you think this system might be a good match to get the ball rolling for me? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


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