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The weekend before my first module at IIN, I attended the conference in New York. It was then that I decided that I need to do more than to learn how to eat better. There were 1000’s of health coaches at this conference with the intention to help others…and all the education to make it possible. There was one problem, they didn’t have enough business education or background to make it. That is why there are so many coaches who quit before they even get started.

If this was like any other industry, there would be jobs and internships in place. There aren’t enough doctors utilizing health coaches or group practices yet to mentor properly.

The Health Coach Group is working with coaches…from free courses, networking and mentoring programs, to programs for clients, to websites and program delivery to setting up your entire business.

Last week we discovered there are a lot of fears and feelings of inadequacy with health coaches.

So how do we get past them?  Education…or the proper tools.

Building Abundance, The Business Plan for Health Coaches begins soon – 5/4/15 Monday.

You may take this 12 week course for FREE as an Inner Circle Member.  All you need to do is register in The Inner Circle Member Area.

You can take this course again as an Inner Circle Member – and it is good to revise your business plan as things change.
If you are not a member and would like to get into the course, you can join here.

There are 13 modules that are set up to walk you through creating a business plan.


Building Knowledge

Building Infrastructure

Building Budget

Building Products

Building a Website

Building Buzz

Building Clients

Building Systems

Building Blueprints

Building Community

bonus 1 Time Management

bonus 2 Social Media

bonus 3 Facebook Advertising

bonus 4 Your Office at Home

bonus 5 Correspondence

bonus 6 Resources


We also provide small group coaching.    You can buy the coaching separately or purchase it with our Gold, Platinum or Diamond Package.


I hope you can join us.


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