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This morning I shared a post on Facebook…it said…


ATTENTION:  Work hard and be kind….That’s all. by Growing Boulder


When I heard that, it reminded me of my dad.  So I felt good for a little bit just thinking of what a great example he set for me.  He was a hard worker…and he taught me that.  He was kind…and I learned that from him too.   That didn’t mean he put up with people’s bad behavior, but he was kind.


Then, I remembered…my dad did more than that – lot’s more.


He PLAYED hard…really hard.  When he retired, he moved to Florida full time and moved into a new neighborhood.  The neighborhood boys…10 and 12, came to the door and asked my mom if my dad could come out and play!  That was one of the things that made him so LOVED by so many…he played hard and was kind.  He had three strokes and he still played softball the day before he died (at 80)…and more than 200 of his buddies who played with him over the years showed up after to tell us what a great guy he was.  People remember him for that.


My dad GAVE hard too.  He gave to everyone – his church, our schools, his homeowner’s association, his ball team, his family and those who needed him.  All my life, strangers would tell me stories of nice things he did – whether they were stuck in a snow storm or stuck in life trying to make things work – he did what he could.

SO…I want to add to my Facebook share…


work hard – be kind – play hard – give

that’s all!




  1. mary

    sounds like the perfect plan for life!

  2. Deb

    Yes, i agree! Play is definitely underrated!

    I am trained in facilitating people to lead their life with play! Play is wonderful!

  3. Dana

    I remember the first time I introduced “play” at work to my team… it was met with silence and crinkled noses…then elation. Fantastic topic Cathy!

  4. Maria

    just beautiful Cathy – really lovely xx

  5. farah

    I recently gave a talk to a roomful of multi-millionaires. How did I get them enaged and get their attention? Through play! As an ex-teacher, it’s ones of the must-have skills!!

  6. Christie

    Great reminder Cathy! My parents taught us a really strong work ethic (farming will do that!) but we had a lot of fun, too even in the middle of the hay field.

  7. Valerie

    Memories of our parents are so special, there is nothing like them to highlight what’s *really* important.

    Thank you for sharing a memory of your father. He sounds like a very special man.

    And great reminder to play. It’s too easy to forget to.

  8. Susie

    What a great dad to have and a wonderful role model too!!

  9. Puja

    So inspiring Cathy! Thank you for sharing your father’s legacy. It is truly a beautiful mantra to live life. Love xo

  10. april

    love love love this, cathy! especially: “The neighborhood boys…10 and 12, came to the door and asked my mom if my dad could come out and play!” brought both tears and a smile at the same time . . .

  11. Sam Morrisey

    Cathy what a lovely post! You must be really proud of your Dad. 🙂 He sounds like an amazing man. Great advice to live life by.

  12. roxy

    Cathy What a beautiful and inspirational post. In this sometimes dog eat dog society we live in – this is such a beautiful reminder that there is another way to live your life. I’m a big advocate of play hard, but sometimes we forget to right? Looks like your Dad knew how to live life to the fullest and to the grand age of 80! I too loved the story about the “10-12 year old boys’ coming round and knocking on the door to ask if Dad could come out to play.. It’s ageless wisdom and wee need to be reminded constantly that life is not just about surviving – it’s about thriving in every way.. and what’s the point of anything if your not having FUN doing it! Bless your Dad and his legacy lives on through you, darling 🙂 ❤ xx

  13. Marie

    Your dad sounds like a wonderful man and father. You are blessed to have someone who imparted such goodness and who led by example!

    I miss my dad….

  14. Lisa Van Ahn

    I love this memory of your dad that you shared with such important lessons. It was beautiful!


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