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Taking a Look at 2016

Every year, before I start my plan for 2017, I review some of the things that went right and wrong.  I’m going to list a little of my reflections below and give you a list so you can reflect on your year.

My biggest mistake this year was not to say no.  It was also letting my personal feelings affect my business judgment.  It happened in a few cases. I’m one of those people who see a problem and think it’s my place to come up with a solution, but sometimes things can’t be fixed, and you have to let them go.  I’ve learned that in my personal life over and over again.

Health Coach University!  What a great program it is. I’m praying that we’re able to give it away long term.

Good thing – We had one of our best programs yet released this year, The Lighter Life Program.

We created a new package for hard workers that we’re going to release next week. It is for health coaches, doctors and other health professionals who want to create an online business.

Our team’s changed a little.  We have new coaches, Shianne’s back, Amanda’s solid and Ashlie’s back for more hours and to help with coaching and DSD.  We are looking forward to lots of growth in DSD. It’s a great program, and we haven’t ever really done anything to promote it. Marie is a dedicated hard worker.  DSD is going to get bigger and better with some CRM and Autoresponder changes.

The Inner Circle is becoming a stronger membership program with lots of new members.

Turnkey & Fancy-Free is huge for those who are participating and want to get their online business up and running.  It is considerably underpriced, so if you want to get grandfathered in, now’s the time.

On a personal level – that’s affecting THCG business, I’m doing some major self-care.  Stress reduction, I’ve already started that in 2016. I made a list like that below and some of the year-end changes and next year will be going according to those answers.

Our big goal with our programs next year is to get more of our health coaches into the 6 figure category.



Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Questions to ask yourself

Review – 2016

  1. What did I really do good this year?
  2. Describe your year in a sentence.
  3. If someone wrote a book about your year, would it be a tragedy, an inspirational, a love story?
  4. Who did you learn from the most?
  5. What did you do that you’re proud of most?
  6. What did you do that you’re ashamed of most?
  7. What, in your everyday routine, did you enjoy most?
  8. What did you do that you didn’t like to do at all?
  9. What did you spend money on that you feel was most valuable?
  10. What was the biggest waste of money last year?
  11. What was the most rewarding customer experience?  Why?
  12. What new things did you learn?
  13. What did you find out you were magnificent doing?
  14. What had the biggest negative effect on your business?
  15. What was the best thing that happened to your business this year?

Looking Forward to 2017

  1. Close your eyes and envision your life exactly how you’d like it to be?
  2. What can you do this year to make your life look more like that vision?
  3. Do you have a “word”
  4. What is your strongest purpose for the year?
  5. What would you like your customers to say about you next year end?
  6. What would you like your vendors to say about you at the end of next near?
  7. What do you want to learn?
  8. What will your achievements be this year?



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  1. Sanjeet Veen

    The first step that I do in the 2017 is to motivate people for their healthy and fit life. Currently I am telling them how to becomes fit and fine. I will wake up early in the morning and with neighbours 30- 40 started Yoga and Meditation. Life changed a lot, whole day fit and fine.


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