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They are different


Teaching can be defined as principles taught by an authority.  A teacher is an expert on a subject.

Coaching can be defined as focusing on the person’s ability to unlock their potential.  A coach doesn’t have to be an expert on a subject. The most important skill of a coach is to be able to ask questions to lead their customer to solve their own problems and create their own progress.


Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

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What Does a Basic Coaching Appointment Look Like?


Coaching can be an active approach to improving their performance as well as the effectiveness of their actions.  Coaching can help people to achieve their goals by focusing on discovery.  Clients are more likely to engage in their own solutions rather than obey direction.

Having a structured approach is a big key to success for coaches.

For the coaching client:

To get the most out of your appointment, sit down in advance and think about what you’ve done right this week, and what you could’ve done better.  What would you like to focus on with your coach?  By going to the appointment prepared, you will get more out of it and start off with a proactive approach.

When you meet with your coach, be sure to tell them what you most want to cover at your meeting, otherwise, you might get sidetracked.  You may want to make a plan, or you may want to look at it from a different perspective and adjust your plans.  If there’s something that’s standing between you and success, figuring out how to deal with that, may be your first course of action.

Go over what you looked at pre-appointment and talk about what you did right and what you could do better or different.  Then, you’ll set goals and an action plan for your next visit.

When you finish with your meetings, make some notes.  Watching your progress does a lot to move you forward and taking those notes reminds you where your focus should be.





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  1. Lynne

    Good, well laid out post, Cathy. Thanks for your thoughts on this.


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