Success Story – Natural Health Immersion and Membership Mastery – Cheryl Giambattista


Success Story – Natural Health Immersion and Membership Mastery – Cheryl Giambattista

Podcast 39

Welcome to another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today, Cathy talks with health coach Cheryl Giambattista, who works with menopausal women. Cheryl recently started offering a membership program and discusses how it has impacted her business.  

In this episode, Cathy and Cheryl discuss the following:

  • Why Cheryl decided to offer a membership program
  • How Cheryl finds her ideal clients and uses referrals
  • How Cheryl connects with clients to understand and meet their needs
  • Strategies Cheryl uses to run her membership group
  • How Cheryl adds value with guest experts and different bonuses
  • The benefits of using both paid and free Facebook groups
  • How Cheryl sets pricing and uses Membership Mastery and Practice Better

Cheryl’s health coaching program helps clients lay the foundation for their transformation by shifting their mindset to focus on simple wins and their personal why. She uses one on one coaching calls and weekly Facebook Lives with expert guests so she can better connect to her clients and expand her reach.   

The Benefits of Membership Mastery

  • Provides valuable content to give to clients
  • Provides marketing tools to build your membership  
  • Breaks down steps to transformation

Cheryl spent over a year constructing her own 90 day program before she realized she could use Membership Mastery to begin a successful membership program. She uses the Practice Better platform to manage her clients and add value to her program.   

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