Stress Reduction for Health Coaches

Podcast 62

Stress is a part of everyone’s life and can be a result of both positive and negative experiences. Cathy and Elena discuss the importance of having strategies to help reduce and manage your stress to avoid having larger health problems.

In this episode, Cathy and Elena discuss the following:

  • Different strategies health practitioners can offer to help clients manage stress 
  • The impact stress can have on your health 
  • The difference between talking about stress vs. taking action to manage stress 
  • Suggestions for setting a daily routine for stress relief 
  • The importance of knowing your safe place
  • How stress affects menopause  
  • 3 ways to be more aware of where your carry stress in your body 

After losing her husband to a heart attack, Elena turned to alternative health and hypnosis to manage her stress. She started incorporating mindfulness in her daily routine and now teaches stress relief techniques to clients with a variety of health issues.


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