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Lessons in Leadership

for Health Coaches

Health Coach businesses online take a while to get going.  I’ve been working with coaches for a year or so now to set up membership (subscription) based businesses online.  I feel like this is the answer to making a regular, sustainable market for most coaches.  The most recent program, Natural Health Immersion, is created to enable coaches to do this quickly.  It’s more than a done-for-you program; it’s an entire annual plan for you and your clients/patients.  If you’re considering getting online, I strongly suggest you get a membership program going because it’s a win-win for you and your customer.  Less work, more money for you, more help and education, less money for your client.

Regardless of how you run your business, there are specific steps you need to take to get your business up and running online.  You should carry it out in the correct order, and you should pay particular attention to narrowing your niche.  I know, it’s scary, but if you want to stand out in a crowd, and speak to the person who needs your help, you must narrow your niche.



Each step is important.  To avoid being overwhelmed, take it one step at a time.  In Building Abundance we have you interview accountants, lawyers, and insurance people.  Some coaches tend to put it off, but it’s important you find them now, before you have the need because there’s nothing worse than having to settle for who you can find in a rush when there’s an emergency, and believe me, there are emergencies.

Trust the process and do it.

     Set Your Business Plan

Step by Step – You can have it done in 12 weeks.

Build your plan step-by-step in a linear fashion.  There are times when you feel like you have everything thrown at you and you just can’t see the big picture.  You start doing this and that and if you keep at it long enough, you’ll get it done, and then redone, because you should’ve done something else first.  You know what I mean.  Internet and online business has been around for a while and a lot of people don’t see the big picture and how it all fits together beautifully to create your own business that fits your plans and dreams.


  1. Building Knowledge – should you even be in your own business or working for someone else, this is the first thing you should decide on.  Then, you need to know your niche and your ideal client.
  2. Building Infrastructure – this is how you build your foundation.  Will you have an LLC, or sole proprietorship, or subchapter-S?  Who is going to set it up for you and advise you on legal matters?  Who will keep your books?  What kind of insurance do you need?
  3. Building Budget – Facing the numbers realistically is one of the toughest things to do for an entrepreneur.  It can save you a lot of disappointment and heartache in the end if you look realistically at what it takes to build a business.  Don’t believe them when they say you can build a business at little or no cost.
  4. Building Products – what are you going to do to earn money in your business?  Services, programs, books, e-books, memberships, MLM, stocking or non-stocking vendor representatives, or manufacturing? The stages of development for your customers start to finish so you can offer them what they need most.
  5. Building a Website – whoever says you don’t need a website is not living in the real world or the 21st Century.  You need a website.  The good news is, it gets easier and easier to get a site up and running.
  6. Building Buzz – you have these fabulous gifts to share and if you don’t get the word out, no one will know and you can’t help anyone.  Learn the different ways to advertise.  The good news is, advertising online is so much less expensive than brick and mortar advertising.  You still need an advertising budget and you can’t fail to advertise.  Guess which businesses closed during the depression and recessions?  It was the people who cut back on advertising, it’s a fact.
  7. Building Clients – List building is the most important thing for you to do – when you’re planning your business, decide how you’re going to build your list.  Then, once you have customers, treat them like they’re the king or queen of your business, get repeat business and referrals.
  8. Building Systems – What will you do and who will you hire to do the things that need to be done better than you can do them?  Go through the entire client experience and know what your customer will run into as they use your products or your service.  Refine it until it’s a pleasant and easy experience for them.  Put measures in place to guarantee happy and loyal customers.
  9. Put it all together as a plan.  Go back to building budget and add anything you’ve found you left out.
  10. Building Community – give back to your community.  Business is like life, the more you give, the more you receive.  Give every chance you get.
“Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.”


Brand with intention

  1. Use my e-book that gives you everything you need for figuring out your branding.
  2. Create Your Branding Style Guide – to save you time and energy of looking for fonts, colors, and logos over and over.
  3. Stick with your brand in every single thing you do.  This includes your personal brand.

     Set Up Your Social Media Accounts

Don’t do more social media than you can manage.

Focus on one social media platform and do it right, then you can do another.  Don’t waste time with more than 3 and be sure your ideal client is active on the platform you select.

  1. Facebook –  create a FanPage, create a FREE Group, create a PAID group
  2. Pinterest – create boards and add to your schedule for upkeep
  3. LinkedIn – Create a profile, connect with your ideal client and potential business partners
  4. Twitter, Instagram, MeWe, Google+ – test them carefully before using
  5. Youtube or Vimeo – use for storage and share


     Online Marketing System

This is your list-building, nurture, and sales funnel

Start building your list right away.  The “list” is the group of people you will sell to with your online business.  The most successful online business will give value until the customer is ready to buy.  In a store, you can do advertising on television, newspaper, direct mail, and radio.  Online sales can use those advertising methods, but as a rule, GIVING is the best way to sell.  GIVE until it hurts, and it will pay off.

  1. One more time, client clarity.
  2. One more time, get clear on your niche.
  3. Brand, brand, brand
  4. Choose the offer that will give your customer a QUICK win
  5. If you don’t have a CRM or Auto-responder, now is the time.  We use Infusionsoft, because we mean business.  Mailchimp is free if you’re just getting started.
  6. Create an opt-in form in your auto-responder
  7. Create a Sales Page to GIVE AWAY your offer and get an email and name in return
  8. If you need help, get our copywriting guides in HCU Library, or use a copywriter
  9. Attach the opt-in form to the sales page and to a module or link on your homepage and sidebar in your website
  10. Advertise your offer on social media and any other outlet your ideal client frequents
  11. Create an email sequence to nurture the opt-in and release your offer
  12. Create a webinar (very effective, but not necessary) to promote your offer
  13. Implement your blogs, podcasts, vlogs
  14. Implement your social media plan
  15. Implement your sales launch
  16. REPEAT



The steps to get it done

Don’t stop.  I know it all sounds overwhelming, especially in our world with so much opportunity for immediate gratification.  It all needs to be done and if you focus with one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, you can get it done.  Don’t be sloppy, get it done right, but don’t look for perfection.  Too many people don’t do anything because they’re afraid to fail.  You will fail a few times and you will fix it and you will get it right.


  • add a program
    • establish pricing
    • decide who will buy it
    • create or edit your sales page
    • distribute it (if you’re using Healthie, all you have to do is ask them to add it)


  • social media
    • Facebook social activity – spend 15-30 minutes each day
    • LinkedIn sales activity – spend 15-30 minutes each day
    • Facebook group posts for free and paid
    • Pinterest – spend 15 minutes each day or 30 every other day


  • Newsletter
  • Blog, podcast, or vlog
  • Facebook posts, schedule 3-5 daily which is 21-35 per week
  • LinkedIn – blog, vlog, or podcast post
  • One email offering value – (separate from newsletter)
  • Advertising analytics
  • Verify and update your website plugins
  • Reach out to 3 potential customers and 3 potential partners


  • Facebook advertising $750 – opt-in
  • Facebook advertising $150 – post boosts
  • Google Ads $300 and build

Special Launch

  • we use Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula, get his book and if you can swing it, take the course when it’s available.  They will make a HUGE difference in the success of your launch.

     Further Reading

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Tell me where you are in your business building and what you’re stuck on.  Let’s see if we can get you “unstuck”.  Comment below.


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