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A Lighter Life

Week 3 – Attachment


People tend to cling to what is most important to them.

Does it ever seem like you meet the most resistance in the areas that you put the most focus in?

Are you putting the focus there because of the resistance, or is the resistance caused because you are focusing there?

Many times we get in our own way without even realizing we are doing it.

Being attached to the outcome is like deciding that you have the right to write the future and resisting when the future does not turn out as anticipated.

Learning to let go of attachment is completely healthy. It allows for you to let nature take it’s course without the need to take responsibility for the process.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.

Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.

So if you love a flower, let it be.

Love is not about possession.

Love is about appreciation.”


It is easy to not become attached to things or events that are not important to us. When we are heavily emotionally invested, it can become more difficult. Especially if this a practice that we are unfamiliar with.

Truly being able to let go means that we put the effort and work in that we need to do and trust that the results will be as they are meant to be. We can become attached to people, things, routines, outcomes, almost anything. It is that deep desire to make sure that things are a certain way, justifying the cost of anything in the way.

Examples of Attachment:

  • Morning coffee or the day is shot
  • A loved one (spouse, partner, friend, child)
  • Results of a project
  • Manipulating or influencing someone to make a decision how we want them to
  • Creating impossible situations to get our way
  • Possessions
  • Not allowing someone to make their own choices
  • A ritual or routine
  • The past or future (anything outside of the current moment)


Does this mean that you are expected to become cold and detached in order to find


It’s about learning to detach with love, to have things that are important to you without directing, controlling, or manipulating them to keep them in line.

Having faith in something bigger than you is vital in letting go. It is knowing that you do not control the world, that the world turned and carried on before you, and will do so long after you. It’s realizing you play but a small part in the big picture of life.


“In a nutshell, detachment is vital to allowing your
ideal reality to manifest in your physical world.
Attachment breeds panic, fear and dis empowerment
which detachment transforms into peace of mind,
certainty and empowerment. Detachment
transforms your desire into your choice.”

Excerpted from an article by Tania Kotsos. Source: http://www.mind-your-reality.com/detachment.html


How to Let Go

There are many ways to improve your ability to let go, here are some helpful areas you can

Well ….you’ll just have to get the program to find out.  We have tips and workbooks.  This is Chapter 3 of 12.


Special acknowledgment to Ashlie Pappas on the work she put into this.

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  1. Lynne

    Great article. We certainly have many attachments. There’s lots to learn here.

  2. Shellie Bolyard

    I am so excited about this new program! I can’t wait for it! It will help so many people, myself included. Thank you and Ashlie for putting this together.

  3. Marian Mitchell

    Love this. Something I’m intentionally working on. Loving those I love but being open to growth and change and having a vision but the path to get there being open. It’s made my life so much easier and less stressful.

  4. Cynthia

    Being flexible in my personal and professional life has gained me added insights and has definitely helped with less stress 🙂 I always enjoy your articles!


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