Sleep, Gut and The Brain

Podcast 65

More research is starting to prove that healthy habits lead to happier, healthier lives. Even simple changes around what you eat can directly impact how you feel and how you sleep. Amy Korn-Reavis joins Cathy to share insight on how our sleep patterns are directly related to our gut and brain! 

In this episode, Cathy and Amy discuss the following:

  • 3 Levels of the gut affected by sleep: microbiome, mucosal membrane, immune system
  • How the gut and sleep are connected 
  • How sleep deprivation is related to leaky gut
  • How lack of sleep impacts our brain activity
  • How ADHD is connected to gut health 
  • Suggestions for bacteria to take in pill form: bifidobacterium and lactobacillus   
  • Lifestyle changes suggested for adults and children

Amy is a clinical sleep educator with 30+ years in respiratory therapy and sleep medicine.       

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