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Coaching – Skin Care with Chris Gibson

Podcast 165

Finding the right skin care products and routine can be frustrating but doesn’t have to be. Chris Gibson covers the ins and outs of skin care and why consistency and an active lifestyle are key!  

 In this episode, Cathy and Chris discuss: 

  • How skin care changes for different ages 
  • Understanding skin care is about consistency 
  • Face washing suggestions and advice for teens about oily skin and sugar intake 
  • How an active lifestyle can improve your body’s function and promote weight loss 
  • Collagen supplements and different types of skin therapy treatments  
  • Advice about ingredients and cost of skin care products 
  • Activation periods and what your skin may or may not tolerate 
  • Recognizing the driving force of body image and the importance of consistency

    Chris Gibson is a sought-after skin care expert and holistic health coach esthetician. He’s also the best-selling author of the acclaimed book Acne Free in 3 Days, with over a million copies sold. Chris has a very successful YouTube channel, Chris Gibson Live, that has over 110,000 subscribers and is dedicated to providing expert information and product reviews on skincare and wellness topics for both skin issues and anti-aging.

    Memorable Quotes:

    • “Skin care is totally different at different ages.” 
    • “Consistency is always the key…if you just started walking a mile a day…and you just did that one thing consistently and didn’t change anything else—you didn’t add more food or take away food—you would see some difference. It’s just consistency.” 


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