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24 years ago I quit smoking. It was one of the toughest things I’ve done. I had “tried” so many times before – unsuccessfully – that I was sick and tire of quitting. The defining moment was when I decided that I was going to quit smoking or quit quitting. I didn’t use Nicorette and I didn’t eat hard candy…I got my exercise bike out …put it where I saw it all the time and I rode my bike whenever I needed to breathe in cigarette smoke…and I breathed in clean oxygen, cleared my lungs and never looked back.

So, what was the difference?


I decided that I was going to quit putting myself through everything that came with doing things half way.


That is what I want you to do RIGHT NOW.  Decide that you are going to get your business going this year…this month, this week, today!  Stop doing things half way and just get it done.

Last year I worked and worked and worked with you on list building.  We will have one last jump into list building and then you will have everything you need to create big things with your business.  Join us on Friday January 9, 2015 to implement your optin.  We will begin at 8 a.m. and stop at 4 p.m. and you will start growing your list that day.  I know you’ve heard it before…and I will say it again…this is the secret to succeeding with an online business.  Sign up below and you will receive access to our interactive workshop for Friday 1/9/15.

shutterstock_125207996Decide here…push the green button – make the decision and join us for the 8 hour interactive workshop.  Get an optin up and start promoting it once and for all.

This is the key to online success.  It is only $97 and I will personally be there to help you get the job done.  This is $3200 value for only $97 because I want you to make money in 2015.








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