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Podcast 40

On today’s episode of Health Coach Conversations, Cathy talks with Megan Clarke about the importance of SEO. Meg understands how to increase organic traffic using SEO and understands search engine optimization can be overwhelming. Meg’s mission is to make SEO as simple as possible and to make sure your site is found!

In this episode, Cathy and Meg discuss:

  • 3 core items Google considers when looking at websites “EAT”: expertise authority trust
  • How search engines work
  • What metrics should be used to measure your website productivity
  • The benefits of Google analytics
  • How to improve your SEO by writing more niche-specific blog posts
  • How to avoid confusing clients by keeping different businesses separate
  • Ways to build your expertise using blog series and links to other sites
  • How to use key word research to attract your ideal client
  • Why you should update old content with stronger key words

When and why you should hire an SEO

Meg offers a few suggestions for those interested in knowing if their website is SEO-friendly and how to catch Google’s attention.

   How to Know if Your Site is SEO-friendly

  • Google yourself using an incognito window
  • Use a tool like a SEMRush to check how many key words you’re ranking for
  • Test if you can figure out what your website offers in just a quick glance

    How to Get Google to Recognize Your Site

  • Consistently write quality content
  • Link to other quality websites
  • Have other quality sites link to you
  • Provide high value to your audience      

Meg’s most popular service is to create a detailed “health status” of where you are. She’ll help you figure out how Google-able you are, how your key word search ranks, and where you need to improve your SEO. Her VIP sessions are intense, empowering sessions designed to help you maintain the progress you learn from working with her. Use the $100 code below to work with Meg today!

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