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Self-Care at Hutchinson Bay – Health Coach Mastermind 2016

I don’t know about you, but I love the topic of self-care.


We are rebranding our “Irresistible Optin” on Self Care for our Inner Circle Members.  I think you’ll all be excited!


Sometimes we are spurred on to self-care more than other times.  I personally am thinking of going to Hutchinson Bay in November for our Health Coach Mastermind…and when there is a trip like that, it is my favorite time to make a plan.  Fortunately, the biggest plan is to make it an experience of a lifetime for all the health coaches who attend.  Anytime that you can focus on others, it gives you the added bonus of enjoyment.


There is already a big reward and motivation built in.  I mean, who wants to go and meet up with all these fabulously healthy people…and look like you have been sitting at your desk building a business for the last 20 years?  We are “virtual” friends.  We have known each other in class, at work, in social media situations and now…finally, we are going to get together in person and create some buzz!


2015-11-05 HCG-Club Med 02157

I am so excited for the event and always just a little nervous.  I present to 100’s of people at least once a week in webinars or conference calls, and you would never know it…I have a fear of speaking.  It isn’t a conscious apprehension.  I get up and talk in front of people every time I’ve been asked.  It is my body…haha…that is what I tell myself.  Do you have trouble speaking in front of a large crowd?  If so – you aren’t alone.  My friend Chel made a series of hypnotic audios.  Chel was at the event last year and was loved by everyone.  This year, she’ll be talking about Mindset for you and your clients.  She’ll also be talking about finding your niche – your purpose.  I am better and just to be sure – I will be prepared…and have an advantage because we are going to be in “self-care heaven” at Hutchinson Bay.


When I saw there was a self-care lecture at IIN, I was all excited.  Self Care to me is what I read in the magazines growing up (in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s) in SELF Magazine and then in More Magazine.  I always connected health, beauty, like in hair, nails, body and style to self-care.  Health was never #1 until I turned 30, then every year it became a little more important to me.  In the last ten year’s I have allowed “self-improvement” to creep into my definition of self-care.  That expanded outer beauty to inner beauty, intelligence and spiritual growth.


When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life. ~Jean Shinoda Bolen


2015-11-05-HCG-Club-Med-01888There is a little misconception about health coaches.  Many people think we are nutritionists.  I believe that we need to expand our definition. While we were taught nutrition principles and dietary theory, we were taught “primary foods”.  Primary foods are a take on Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Physiological needs are essential to health, so is esteem, love and belonging, contribution, self-actualization, and safety.


Someone told me that we really shouldn’t have the spiritual cleanse be “manned by coaches”  because health coaches were not qualified “spiritual guides.”  Well, that is just not true.  We learned holistic principles.  Spirituality and religion are two different things.  Spirituality is as important to health and self-care as nutrition.  Sometimes more important.  It is all connected.  I think it would be nice if Religious leaders learned health coaching.  It all works together.


“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar


2015-11-05-HCG-Club-Med-02145Self care is what Stephen Covey called “sharpening the saw.”  The things you do in life to move forward in a proactive state rather than a reactive state.  It is the difference between working out to create stronger arms to be able to do things, rather than to work out to get rid of the extra wings that appeared on upper arms from not doing things.  It is much nicer to read a book to enrich your life rather than to reactivate a part of your brain that has gone lazy.


So, while I am working on becoming more “proactive”, this list is what I want to share with you.  It is based upon an expanded definition of self-care, and I hope you enjoy it.  My hope with this list is that we can combine self-care with self-love and enjoy the process and live our life to the fullest and in appreciation of the opportunity.


  1. Give yourself permission to do what makes you passionate.  Your passion is what you are called to do.
  2. When you are sad or forlorn, look to others and how you can build them up.  It will build you up at the same time.
  3. Trust your inner voice to guide you.  It knows more than you think.
  4. Allow peace into your life by letting other people’s anger, rudeness; misbehavior belong to them.  Don’t take their feelings on and don’t respond.
  5. Read a  book – regularly.
  6. Take up or renew a hobby.  Make it something that you enjoy.
  7. Take a course and learn something new – regularly.
  8. Journal – daily.  Introspection creates clarity, ideas and direction.
  9. Exercise daily – break a sweat.
  10. Eat to live – don’t live to eat.
  11. Overcome a fear.  Speak to a crowd (practice first).
  12. Surround yourself with beauty.  Not what someone else finds beautiful, but what you find attractive.  Create a space that makes you smile when you are there.
  13. Address your flaws.  Look at them clearly and appreciate the good that comes from them.  Your flaw may be your greatest strength.
  14. Embrace a mentor.  See who does what you want to do- successfully and learn from them.
  15. Look for the good in people.  You usually find what you are looking for.
  16. Get a coach.  What do you need help in?  Business, health, spiritual?
  17. Set goals- regularly and review them daily.
  18. Leave the past behind you and live in the present.
  19. Meditate or pray – daily.  Remove the clutter in your thoughts.
  20. Show kindness to everyone around you.
  21. Let go of anger, fear, stress and worry.  They do you harm.
  22. Allow time  DAILY for joy and laughter.  Schedule it.
  23. Be grateful daily.  Gratitude replaces almost any negative feelings quickly.
  24. Schedule time for physical self-care – dentist, doctor, health coach, beautician, esthetician, personal trainer, chiropractor…set an annual plan and get it done.
  25. Schedule time for spiritual self-care – alone time, mentoring time – put it on your calendar.
  26. Schedule time for intellectual growth – not just work hours, but hours to learn.
  27. Schedule time for fun – with family and friends.
  28. Schedule time to give to others – not necessarily money, but your time effort and whatever else you have that would make someone else’s life or quality of living improve.


Is there something you want for yourself?  Learn to play the piano, a new language, travel, evenings with no television?  Figure out how to give it to yourself.  Make it one of your goals and determine what action you need to take to make it happen.  As health coaches, we have more tools and resources than most people.  Ask for help, clear your schedule, pencil something in…and make it happen.  You can do it!


What would you add to this list of self-care?  What do you consider frivolous or out of reach that you could aspire?  What would happen if you gave it to yourself? What would you feel and how would your life be better?

What are self-care essentials to you?


Share below and if you enjoyed this, please share it with your friends!








  1. Richard Fair

    I think it is important to remember to tell those you care about that you love them. Saying the words ” I love you” and meaning it, boosts your endorphin levels and makes you feel good as well as the person to whom you you are saying it. Plus it reduces the chances of later regret in the event that something happens and you realize that you let the opportunity pass you by.

  2. Stephanie Beveridge


  3. Deb Lange

    Do nothing – if that is what I need – chill out and empty

  4. Susie

    Every time I give a talk or workshop, the topic of self-care is always popular. My favorite thing to do is help women shift their mindset from seeing self care as selfish (ego talking) and realize it is self-responsible (heart talking).

    So happy for you that it’s Club Med in November!

  5. Lorna

    Such a great list! Happily, as a coach I can tick off most of the things on that list. I have to practice what I preach, right? The one thing I would like to work on is journaling. Whenever I journal in a class setting I am amazed at the truths that come out of me. I would like to make that more a regular part of my self care routine. Thanks for the food for thought!

  6. Dave

    Good article! I agree about the importance of the relationship between health coaching and spirituality. I think diet and balance in all areas of life are very important to the spiritual life. Thanks for sharing!

  7. KaeLyn Morrill

    I have written regular journal entries to a friend, coach, mentor for almost a year now. He introduced me to Reiki. I recognize the principles of Reiki in this self-care list: be grateful, be kind, don’t worry, work hard, and don’t get angry. Spirituality is a big part of cealth coaching I’m grateful that’s acknowledged here.

  8. Rommy Kirby

    Thanks for sharing this Cathy. You have so much here to enjoy. Like you, I learned about self-care from the same magazines, and those trashy romantic novels, LOL. Funny, how that at one time in life what I considered self care, later became a selfish act. MMM food for thought on that one. Also, so glad you made the distinction of what a health coach really is!
    What would I add to your list? Speak more lovingly about yourself, which is an expansion of #20.

  9. Jennifer Twardowski

    Love this! 🙂 For me, acupuncture, dancing or singing to music, and taking the time to write is definitely on my list of self-care. Last weekend, I even took a day to simply accomplish the goal of “doing nothing” for an entire day. Just focus on enjoying and savoring every single moment and that’s it — no push to really do anything at all, but just BE. That was huge for me and pretty sure I want to implement that in my every day life as much as possible again. 🙂 Great post!

  10. Hayley Hobson

    Self care to me means anything that will allow me to function at optimal performance. So that means sleep well and enough, eat well and allow myself to relax when I know I”ve been running myself into the ground!

  11. Sam

    what a fantastic list!
    I love trusting your inner voice (something I practice daily after so many years of quashing it down), letting go of other peoples’ emotions (you can’t control how other people think, react, behave) and making time for joy every day. It’s so important!!!
    Great post, thank you!

  12. april

    “That expanded outer beauty to inner beauty, intelligence and spiritual growth.” what a lovely description of self-care/self-improvement, cathy. and thank you for your list! my daily self-care must include space/time for writing. it’s become something of a need for me – a secluded corner in which to write and dream and plan.

  13. Hunter Yoga (@HunterCYoga)

    Thanks for the post! In my life, I need to fit in my self-care with less time and resources than some of these suggestions require. Perhaps they will go into my bucket list though!

  14. Cynthia Djengue

    Self Care is most important to me and my work with others. As a Mom, Coach, business owner and coordinator in many other roles I am interested in caring for me. I can honestly say that I have been able to cross most things off on your list! Thanks for thinking of us.

  15. Elizabeth MacLeod

    For me, I need space. . . time to unwind at the end of the day . . . and a bath with my favourite reading … oh just thinking about it makes me excited…. as it is also something I totally love to do 🙂 connects me with me…and all that is 🙂

  16. Denise Marie Filmore

    Because I homeschool, I schedule extra quality time for my son and I. it helps me to get out of the teacher mode, and be a mom again. It’s a time that I use for us to just be present. It also teachers my son how to regroup and recharge when life gets to be too much.

  17. Richard Fair

    Your Brain

    Do something good for your brain. Just like the rest of body, the brain needs special treatment. It enjoys a great night’s sleep so that it will function well the next day. You need to feed it with the correct foods to keep it in optimal health. And of don’t forget to let it have time to play, challenging games are its favorite followed by periods of complete relaxation through meditation – this gives it a chance to put things together with your help. Of course it needs plenty of water to function at its best. And would really appreciate it if you would pay attention to what it tells you while you sleep.


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