Podcast 82

Being a health coach doesn’t mean you’re limited to offering programs based only on nutrition or physical fitness. Rita Avellar shares how her experience in content marketing led to a business helping other health coaches.  

In this episode, Cathy and Rita discuss the following:

  • Why Rita’s private group for health coaches evolved
  • What inspired Rita to offer her own mentoring program to other health coaches
  • How Rita’s previous experience allowed her to help more health coaches with social media
  • How Rita’s educational background  in Brazil prepared her for health coaching
  • Rita’s experience using ads and advice for new health coaches 
  • Which coaching formula works best for Rita 
  • Why Rita believes in the power of sharing your story with others    

Rita Avellar realized her years of experience in marketing and content creation was a perfect way to offer a program for health coaches, teaching them how to navigate social media and produce creative and efficient content.     


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