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Are You Entitled to Work as a Health Coach?


If you want to be a success anyplace, the first truth you must embrace is that you have 100% responsibility for everything you experience.

Our society tends to have an entitlement attitude.  Just because we exist, we think we should be entitled to a great life.  That there should be a wonderful family, home, car, career, business…and the truth is, we aren’t entitled.  Any entrepreneur who’s been at it for a while will tell you that we aren’t entitled.  We are responsible.

If you want to do well in a course, relationship, business and even in finding joy in your life, you HAVE TO TAKE 100% responsibility for your results.

It isn’t easy.  Sometimes we have to give up some things that make us feel good.  It means we can’t blame circumstances, schools, mean people, deceitful people, people who’ve cheated us or let us down.  Sometimes that happens.  Face it as fast as you can and rely on yourself.  You can do it.

We’ve created our own conditions and we have a choice;

  1. We can change them.
  2. We can rebuild them.
  3. We can change the way we look at them.

The worst thing you can do is to ride them out and let them guide your outcome.  It’s hard, but once you take responsibility and make the choices, set the goals, create the action steps and follow through – you feel better and the problem starts to correct because you’ve taken responsibility.

The Health Coach Group is a no blame zone.  We all have control and responsibility.  If you want to be successful you must accept that we are responsible for both our success and our failures.

Correct and learn from your failures and celebrate your successes.  It’s all good.


Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Steps to Changing 


  1. Close your eyes and see your life and your business.  Is it what you envision it should be?  NO?  Then change it.  YES?  Then improve it.  By defining and visualizing your success, you know where you want to be and what that looks like.
  2. What can you do today to move toward that life or business?  Remember everything is possible when you take responsibility.  The action is the key to making anything happen.
  3. Chunk it down into smaller achievable steps.  Huge moves can seem impossible but constant action creates results.
  4. Get help.  Partner up whenever you can.  It’s a lot easier with 10 people working together than 1.
  5. Stay Motivated with Coaching. Whether it’s health, business or life coaching, it’s easier to keep your momentum with a coach.





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