Religion and Health Coaching Programs

Podcast 66

Religion, spirituality, and mindfulness can all be easily be integrated into your health coaching. Darcy Moore joins Cathy to share how teaching wellness can support religious and spiritual beliefs and why our diverse backgrounds should be celebrated.   

In this episode, Cathy and Darcy discuss the following:

  • The difference between religion, spirituality, and mindfulness  
  • The importance of understanding the commonalities religions share 
  • How to address intolerance in a group setting  
  • When and how to bring up religion in your health coaching 
  • The importance of asking tactful questions about beliefs 
  • How to create groups that help others experience diversity    

After being dangerously overweight at 400 pounds, Darcy sought help because she was dying faster than she was living. Eventually, her journey into a healthier lifestyle saved her and she became a certified health coach. Darcy now helps her own clients incorporate wellness with religion, spirituality, and mindfulness.  

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