Health Coach SUCCESS SERIES – Relationships for Visibility

Podcast 89

If you want clients to hire you as a health coach, you’ve got to put yourself out there! Nicole Liloia joins Cathy to talk about how to shift your mindset to gain more visibility and how to find the support you need as you’re building your health coaching business.  

In this episode, Cathy and Nicole discuss the following:

  • Common mindset blocks that keep business owners from increasing visibility
  • Strategies to overcome mindset blocks
  • 3 types of relationships that help health coaches increase their visibility as a business 
  • How to nurture and develop your business relationships without feeling overwhelmed
  • Advice for finding and contacting referral partners 

Nicole Liloia is a business strategist who helps women entrepreneurs build bigger businesses and create consistent income growth. She loves helping them create multiple income streams that allow them the freedom to work less while still making more money.

Nicole’s first business was a counseling private practice but she quickly added in multiple income streams so that she could travel more while still running her business. She got her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and has contributed to Forbes, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and more. Nicole always says yes to tacos and loves Apothic wine.

You can find her online at and download her free tool, the Consistent Income Generator, so that you can create a personalized plan to have consistent income growth in your own business at


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