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Matt, Marketing Director, The Health Coach Group

Any of you who were at the Club Med Event may have been around when we were teasing Matt (our marketing director), that we were going to drain his Red Bull and replace it with a juice recipe we’d whipped up from Kris Carr’s new book “Crazy Sexy Juices”.   One day I looked over at him and he had the THCG logo and wording printed on paper and jacketing his Red Bull.

Every day he would come into the office with a Red Bull, then would leave for lunch and pick up some fast food.

Last Saturday (at Club Med), my husband Gary was headed out for a tee time off campus.  He came across Matt walking down the street and asked him what he was doing.  Matt was up all night with stomach pains and was headed for the Emergicare in Port St. Lucie.  That is where he learned he has an ulcer.  He continued to drink coffee and sneak at least one Red Bull (that I saw) until we arrived home on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, he was signed up to start the 12 Day Detox.  I told him not to take it to an extreme, to add in and cut out – one thing at a time…but he said he was inspired.  Instead of a Red Bull on Wednesday morning – he walked in with a …yep …green tea.

Thursday he showed up with a prepared lunch from the detox plan.  I keep asking how he feels…and so far he feels fine.

He’s agreed to journal his journey to health and I’m hoping that our beautiful health coach community will cheer him on.  He’s going to track and share his food, his progress and how he feels.  This will be a great opportunity to watch an extreme transition through cleansing.  It should be very interesting.

UPDATE: Matt has begun blogging his detox experience. Check it out here: https://www.thehealthcoachgroup.com/blog/a-12-day-detox-experience/

Matt may want to alter his cleanse a little to help improve his condition.

Matt is on day 2 of his 12 day all natural detox.  Further posts on this will come from Matt.  Here’s some educational material to help him make good decisions.  Share and cheer him on in the comments below!





I also found these titles like this -just for fun;  “Dude – Red Bull Gave Me a Stomach Ulcer”




  1. Donna Wassing

    Great job Matt! Ulcers are the worst. They can make you feel like you are twice your age or even worse! Good on you for making a change so quickly and for taking the support of your colleagues and friends 🙂 you go get em!

  2. Cheryl Love

    You got this Matt. Ulcer nothing to fool around with. You know have motivation and support!


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