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We have a lot of health coaches getting ready to launch our Physician –  Health Coach Weight Loss Program.  They have everything they need, but sometimes even with that, it leaves you wondering how to get started.

Okay, so let’s say you have a list built.  You have been blogging.  Your social media is consistent.  You email regularly and consistently, and you have a good opt-in offer on your website.  Let’s say you now have something you want to sell.  Maybe it is our new program, Healthy Habits; maybe it is just your 6-month program you want to use to fill your calendar….Well, it is time to launch.

A good launch is an art form.

I can still remember my first online product launch.  It was “Sharing the Health E-Book”.

It was a special challenge because there was $0.00 budget.  It was a fund raiser for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

That offered a benefit in that the purchasers could feel good about purchasing…they got a great book and Juvenile Diabetes got all the money for research.  I went to B-School, so I knew how to target my customer, write good letters, team up with the big-wigs, find a way that was different than anyone else, speak to my crowd…but I didn’t really have a launch plan.  I looked for one…but no one had it spelled out.

At the time,, that is what I really wanted an A-Z on how to create a launch plan.  Since then, I have created many product launches.  Studied several launch theories, including Jeff Walker’s Sideways Sales Letter.  Just using Infusionsoft has taught me a lot about communication and marketing.  Still, it is good to have a launch plan.

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

No two launches are ever the same, but they can all start with the same planning platform.

That very first launch taught me that a good launch creates an incredible rush of adrenaline.  It is exciting and nerve wracking and a ball all at the same time.

Take your time to go through what is below and play with it.  Get comfortable and see the potential in it.  I hope that it will make your next launch a little easier.


  • Know your niche
  • Know your ideal client
  • Have a strong social media presence
  • Have a website with a good opt-in
  • Have a mailing list and autoresponder.
  • Release a weekly newsletter consistently.
  • Always create a blog that has good quality content.


The list (above) are the things that you should have been working day in and day out to create and establish for a while now.  This is the foundation of your launch.  The good news is, all this work you have been doing up to now is finally going to pay off.  This day is what you have been working toward all along.



  • Scribble sheet for ideas, brainstorming and wild thoughts.
  • Launch spreadsheet for goals, infrastructure, before, during and after tasks
  • Your Weekly Checklist
  • Launch Calendar (Social Media, Advertising, emails, webinars, editorial)
  • Goals and Tasks Worksheet
  • Word document for emails
Use these tools to plan.  Begin by brainstorming your goals, how to use the assets you have been building, and all the to-dos based on the information below.  Then form it into a plan.


4 Weeks


  • Begin talking about your program.
  • Give glimpses.
  • Ask questions.
  • Use the questions and answers you get to shape the information you provide in your launch.
  • Establish FAQ’s based on your engagement with your ideal client.
  • Prep your referral partners (affiliates).
  • Show results of people who used your program before.
  • Give tips.
  • Leave posters and flyers in locations your ideal client frequents.
Be authentic in your communication.  Be honest, clear and caring.  Whether you speak directly to your clients or through your prepared communication, authenticity is important.  People can “feel” whether you are real or contrived.


Week 3


  • Set up a form to add opt-ins (ask for name and email).
  • Write a thank you for completing the form.
  • Offer a free webinar
  • Put the offer and the form in a blog, on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and in your email.
  • Send out a mailing to your mailing list.
One general email to your entire list is all that is needed to distinguish interest.  There is no reason to burn your whole list out on something they may not want.  If you introduce your clients to your program and they indicate interest through an opt in…then you can put them aside and mail to only those people and not your whole list.

Week 2

  • After loads of practice, give your webinar.
  • Record your webinar.
  • Offer your listeners a discount if they purchase the day of your webinar.
  • Use the recording in an email.
  • Make your webinar available to your affiliates through a link.
  • Begin to send out emails 2-3 days apart with your webinar, then 1/4 the details of your program, then 1/4 more and on.
  • Release your referral partner info and links.
  • Set up your social media bursts and advertising to opt in for more information.
  • Test, test, test!
By breaking the information into smaller chunks, you allow your client to slowly absorb the information based on its value, benefits, and features, instead of enabling them to make a decision based on price only.  Give them all the information and then provide them with the price.  If they are excited and can’t wait for the price, then that is great.  If they call or email saying “I must know the price now”…tell them.  It is not a secret; it is just a strategy to allow your program to be judged on its merit, not it’s price.

1 Week

  • Outline your timeline in your email.
  • Add anything else in the email that speaks to your ideal client.
  • On your final email, link to your VERY well written sales page that includes all the points, objections and answers you learned during week 4.
  • Either give a deadline, a sale price or value added to give your ideal client a reason to take action. Include a call to action.
  • RELEASE!!!!!!
  • Clear your calendar to answer questions
Enjoy the success of a well-planned launch! 

Don’t forget the most important part.  After a successful launch – OVER DELIVER!

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Please tell us about your experience with launches.  What are your fears?  What are some of your strong points that will make your launch special?  Share below.






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