Podcasts with Chel Hamilton 

Podcast 85

Ever consider starting your own podcast? Chel Hamilton joins Cathy and shares her own journey from Hypnotherapist to successful podcaster with the Meditation Minis Podcast. 

In this episode, Cathy and Chel discuss the following:

  • Benefits of having podcast for those in the wellness industry
  • Suggestions for beginning your own podcast 
  • How Chel gained listeners for her podcast by doing research within her field of expertise 
  • Different research tools Chel used for building her show 
  • How Chel promoted her podcast 
  • What drives Chel’s income and the benefits of networking
  • The reality of having your own podcast

Top Tips for Starting a Podcast 

    • Don’t get stuck on the technology
    • Make a show that offers a solution that people are already trying to solve for themselves
    • Do a show that you would personally love to listen to  
    • Start short and start doable    

Chel started her podcast 5 years ago and her show is now her main source of income. She understands the value of referrals and offering a solution clients are already searching for.    


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