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You are at an exciting time. You can do whatever you want. The sky is the limit and there are millions of people who need you. You have the knowledge and the tools. You just need to get out and do it. You can do coaching on your own, with a partner…or by partnering up with businesses (like doctors) who are working with your target client. You can work in an office, out of your home or online.

Don’t be afraid to offer “free” coaching. Be selective so that you get the kind of experience you need to call yourself a seasoned expert and to acquire credentials. Everything you do, all your business decisions, should revolve around the plans that you are making.

There are unlimited possibilities for health coaches. 15 years ago, if I would have told someone I was going to design and develop tools for health coaches, they would have laughed me out of the room…”what health coaches?”

We, as health coaches, have opened up an entirely new industry and the world is at our fingertips. We want to change the world and boy does it need us. If you don’t believe me…look at the diversity that some of the IIN Graduates have shown in their prosperous businesses and practices.

This page is not only meant to inform you, but…to get you so excited that the electrical charges are popping in your brain and you think of a million different ways to spread your love and by doing so, change the world.

You will learn to create magical income streams that allow you to become prosperous and open you up to be able to offer the world all the light you have to share. Not all of them will be for you, so study them carefully, make notes, Google and find out how…and try them out…and then, do what feels right.



The magic of e-books is that you create the e-book, launch and market it properly, then you go on to something new and the book creates passive income. This is income that does not require you to continually input work.

E-books are pretty easy to create:

•Decide on a topic that you know a lot about

•Type it up as a PowerPoint or word document, turn it into a pdf

•Market it – either by yourself or through Amazon or Kindle (you will need to read the format rules for the publications you want to work with).

Then… you are published. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You are published, are recognized as an expert in your field, have something to promote on your website and sell online!




PlatinumHCP_LargeYou have many wonderful “made for you” e-course, right at your fingertips. The 12 month program is set up to be delivered perfectly and exquisitely as an e-course. The same thing you use with your clients can be delivered online and turned in to more passive income.

You can deliver e-courses as printed modules, videos, audios, webinars, phone sessions or all of the preceding. It is good to offer an online forum for collaboration, interaction and Q & A’s.

There are many different ways to develop an e-course, the secret is to offer what your target market needs.


You can deliver your e-course by automated emails, on a message board, with a more sophisticated delivery system like Designed, Sealed & Delivered® (DSD), where it can be programmed to “unlock” at predetermined intervals and will deliver daily emails for you as well.


Selling Products


Do you have a raw protein bar you are ready to sell online? Wheatgrass, books, superfoods, vitamin and mineral supplements. The secret is to make sure what you are selling ties into your purpose. Don’t sell leather purses on a vegan website…and don’t sell cheap vitamins that run through your system, if you want what you say to be taken seriously.

Make your prices fair and clear, make your offering clear and precise. You don’t want people buying one thing and expecting another.


You can set up an online store on WordPress with Woo-commerce, Click-bank or Infusionsoft. We have a tutorial that teaches you how to set up a simple e-commerce with Woo Commerce.  DSD® will set up your e-commerce for you.  As long as you have that much done, you should set up your own affiliate program so other health coaches can promote your goods. That will help you and them build income.


Become an Affiliate


Becoming an affiliate for someone else can be a very powerful way to develop passive income.

  • Someone else creates something and puts it out into the world to be sold.
  • They need help getting the word out, so they offer commissions to people who can spread the word.
  • The whole thing is automated to keep track of movement from the time you put your link out – to the time someone buys.
  • Most affiliate fees are between 10-50%

You are able to pick and choose what you represent, so be careful, pick the things you love and leave the rest behind. Be sure you set up an affiliate program for yourself. Other people can spread the word about your coaching, e-books, e-courses, and goods you sell.

An affiliate program allows teamwork that profits everyone…the seller, the affiliate and the end user. It allows all of us to change the world a little quicker and together.

  1. Find affiliate programs you love and believe in.
  2. Sign up as an affiliate.
  3. Get a link to use to share with other people.
  4. The link directs people to the product and keeps track until they buy.
  5. Most affiliate programs automatically deposit money into your PayPal account. They will do it once or twice a month and in intervals if the purchase is set up on payments.




  • Email your mailing list and tell them all about the product you are representing. What you did and did not like about it and why you would buy it all over again.
  • Use banners that are provided on your Facebook page, Twitter and on your website.
  • Talk about the product on your blog
  • Interview the creator on your blog or better yet, a webinar.
  • Include it in your newsletter.


You may want to offer something you have that is equal or less value than your commission as an incentive to use your link to purchase the product. You don’t want to do anything that confuses the new purchaser in branding, they must know that you are not the person selling the original product and that you are an affiliate for the original seller.

You should only be an affiliate for things that you love…and know that another person would find value in. It can be very good additional passive income if you do it correctly.


Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program


Let other people help you spread your magic! Affiliates can spread the word faster and let more people know what you have to share with the world.

  • Decide how much you should pay as a commission. Be generous, you may receive less for each sale, but you will have sales that would not have been created without your affiliate warriors.
  • Then, pay on time.
  • Set up an account for your affiliates to sign up and keep track of their own progress. We started out with a simple WordPress plugin and now use Infusionsoft for affiliate tracking.
  • Create Banners for your affiliate program
  • Set up some examples of what your affiliates can say to promote you
  • Let them know ways to share the banners and words
  • Get the word out that you want people to sign up as your affiliate!




What do you want to teach about?

What are some of the things you have learned about in webinars? Sugar-busters is a big one. You can really talk about anything you feel compelled to share. You could teach your e-book.

Prepare well with good notes and an itinerary for yourself. Speak for 30-60 minutes and leave time for Q&A’s.

Some people feel more comfortable conducting an interactive teleseminar. Have the class present questions ahead of time and you can review, research and have a great answer prepared. This is a nice format because you are guaranteed to give the listeners information they find useful.

Be sure to record your webinar so you can reuse it later for ….da…da…da…dum…. passive income.

(excerpt from “Business Plans for Health Coaches”)


Multi-Level Marketing


For many people, it is very difficult to make a living in MLM marketing.

Health Coaches are different.  We’re in a particularly good spot, with our programs and our community to make a substantial monetary impact while being able to stay true to our purpose.  You will want to expect that there will be an investment of time and money. I know people who are doing well with it and some who are not. Many health coaches have very strong feelings both ways.

My daughter Ashlie is doing very well.  She found something she feels passionately about.  Something she feels has changed her life and has the potential to make the quality of life better for everyone else.  She feels like she has been called to this.  She feels that this is a way she can make a profound difference in the quality of life of people with chronic disease.  Ashlie is the perfect example that a person without the drive to “sell” can make it in the business of MLM and do very well.  She is up for one of the top levels.  She got there – not because she wanted to turn a lot of other people into sales people…but because she genuinely cares about people and wants to help.  Ashlie has been traveling and comes back with stories that just light your heart.

When I went to Sanoviv last year – a major light bulb lit up for me.  We have a community of nearly 100,000 health coaches and medical professionals that includes, doctors, chiropractors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists and wellness professionals like personal trainers and massage therapists.  We all – yes, even doctors are struggling to get by on the active income model.  With the added income from a superior product, as well as the value in an MLM of the huge community, we are in a position to – excuse the expression – clean up.  I wish I could do smiley faces here.  So – we’ve created a team and we’re doing just that.  We’ve got sales pages and emails to build the products into our programs.  We’re training our people for online and person to person business and marketing.  We’re GIVING our team people under them to help them grow – lots of people – and they are offering new – and highest quality tools to their clients to reach optimum health.

So, don’t let anyone turn you off MLM’s  there are good and bad.  Be sure you do what they call due diligence and check out the product, the company and the people you will be associating yourself with.  Values should be one of your primary considerations – along with income potential of course.

My one caution is that you go into it 100% dedicated. Make sure you know the people you get involved with and if you have a bad feeling about them – follow your intuition.   I said that we would not get involved with MLM companies in 2014 and 2015 – but we’ve instituted some policies, some support systems and some control and we’re doing this on your behalf.  If you want to learn more click here.


Passive Income Summary


I don’t think I need to show you the numbers …it is possible to make a 6 Figure Income with at least some passive income.  It is close to impossible to do it as a straight one-on-one, hours for dollars business model.  That doesn’t mean don’t do it…if that is your calling…go for it.  My thought is, you can do both.


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