Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine (Chinese Medicine)

Podcast 54

Most people are familiar with acupuncture but do not understand the medicine involved in the practice of Oriental Medicine (Chinese Medicine). Cathy talks with her friend about the benefits of the “highest form of the medicine”.

In this episode, Cathy and her friend discuss the following:

  • What studying Oriental medicine involves
  • Differences between traditional medicine vs. Chinese medicine
  • Why people turn to Chinese medicine to manage their health
  • How herbs can retrain your body and mindset
  • The flexibility between specializing in Oriental medicine vs. a holistic practice
  • The System of the 5 Elements and how it relates to life, balance, and culture
  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) evolved because of Western influence
  • How Taoism interacts with other spiritual and religious beliefs
  • How the 5 Elements apply to all cycles of life and bring peace


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