Online Software for Your Business

Podcast 111

If you’re creating a website for your health coaching business, it’s easy to get lost in all of the options to make it look great and as user-friendly as possible. Learn the different software and tools enjoyed most by The Health Coach Group and how they can work for you!    

In this episode, Cathy and Amanda discuss: 

  • Helpful sites such as Nifty Project Management and Basecamp 
  • Hosting sites such as WP Super Host and InfusionSoft 
  • Autoresponders, CRMs, Plugins  
  • Social media schedulers and platform options 
  • Design tools with stock photos, fonts, layouts for professional looking sites
  • Video tools and how to avoid slowing your website down  
  • Suggestion for managing your budget for software subscriptions  
  • Different apps and sites for note-taking, organization, storage, and tracking progress 
  • Why The Health Coach Group uses Google Suite 
  • Recommendation for switching your email to a domain name or name + gmail account


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