Online Platform – HIPAA, Communication, Tracking, Education with Healthie, and More

Online Platform – HIPAA, Communication, Tracking, Education with Healthie

Podcast 06

Welcome back for another great episode of  Health Coach Conversations! Today I invited Amanda Fonti to the show to talk about how online platforms can be a powerful tool for both health coaches and their clients. Specifically we look at Healthie – an online platform that all health coaches should take a look at! In this episode Cathy and Amanda talk about the following:

  • What Healthie is all about!
  • Who Healthie is for.
  • How Healthie different than other platforms out there.    
  • Customer and Client Support at Healthie.     
  • How Healthie helps keep clients engaged.
So many things have moved to an online world – health coaches included, so having a powerful online platform that can handle all aspects of your business is extremely important.  Healthie is the perfect tool for that! Healthie offers health coaches a unique and seamless way to connect with their current clients and expand their business in the online realm. Healthie helps you to connect with more clients, impress & engage your current clients, and make your health coaching business run smoothly for everyone.

Listen To Episode 6 Below:

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website
Eat Fit Live – Amanda Foti


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