Online Business Tools for Health Professionals

Online Tools for Health Professionals

Podcast 01

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Health Coach Conversations! This podcast will offer bite-sized specialized conversations for health coaches all around to the world – to help level up their businesses and attract more clients! In this episode Kathy talks about the following:

  • Business tools needed for online companies and startups.
  • Expenses that go along with starting and running an online business.
  • Saving money by not worrying about non-productive tools.
  • The essentials tools and programs you need to begin start out.

When starting a new business with a physical storefront, many expenses are budgeted into that initial startup – but I’ve found that not everybody realizes online businesses are the same. In this episode, I’ll break down what tools I think are most important for starting your online business and which tools are an unnecessary expense.

My Tool Recommendations for Online Business

  •  Advertising (Either online or print).
  • Get organized with a CRM.
  • Conference capability software.
  • Appointment and calendar software.
  • Having a website! (And hosting it.)
  • Online telephone services for your online business.
  • Online storage and backup for your documents.
  • Providing fantastic Customer Service to you and your clients.
  • Product Management software for organization and efficiency.
  • Accounting – tracking your incoming and outgoing flow of money.
  • Art / Creative program.
  • Microsoft Office Suite


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