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This was my list from last year:


Metabolism – Weight Loss Supplemental Module

Supplements Supplemental Module

Meditation Supplemental Module

The Physician-Health Coach Weight Loss Program

The 28 Day Meditation Program

Health Coach University

Club Med Mastermind

A New Website


Last year I didn’t get it all done…but I did get more!  Every single program was redone and upgraded.  PLUS …we have DSD!  DSD is innovative and really needed for health coaches who are using digital programs…PLUS..We got our turnkey business in a box…the Diamond Package rolled out.  It’s been a good year.


Next year!  We are making our #1 priority a corporate wellness program for Inner Circle Members to use.  It will give you a variety of ways to work and make the idea of working in corporate wellness…just as easy as following 1,2,3 style directions.


“Your “Word of the Year” is not microwaveable. (Choose the word, set a timer, and “bing!” – you manifest!)


Your word is meant to teach you about you. It will often teach you about how you block your attraction and thwart your creative powers. It sometimes teaches you in paradox. Awareness is key. This means that everything in your life can be a teacher – including your own reactions to the things.” Christine Kane


Last year was “Actualize”. This was a perfect word for us. It included realizing our potential, innovating, making dreams real and completing plans and programs.


My 2015 word is….da, da, da, dum….I N T E N T I O N A L…more purposeful and proactive less reactive.


2015 is going to be our best year EVER!


What plans are you making for the new year? Do you have a word? What will you change? What will things look like in your (life) business if you make that change? Comment below and SHARE with

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  1. Elena Rusakova

    Get really going! Action is my word!!! I’m doing it! Instead of planning! And thinking! Thank you Kathy!


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