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A good parent nurtures, a good health coach nurtures…and a good internet marketer nurtures.  It takes time, as a parent, we start nurturing at birth and the process continues and evolves until they graduate and sometimes longer.


Nurturing is a process of development of relationships, education and trust.


We have spent months and months developing optins.  Nurturing is the next step.  Once you start to build your list, it is time to start nurturing.


  1. Acknowledge their optin.  Welcome and congratulate them and make sure they have all the information they need to access and use your free offer.
  2. Give them more and make sure they have benefited from what you have already given them.  Tell them what to do if they didn’t get what they wanted.
  3. Ask them to join your online community (Facebook).
  4. Send them weekly newsletters that are 90% value for them.
  5. Ask your customers what they want.  No one can tell you better than them what they need from you to help them succeed.  Use surveys and forms.
  6. Share your testimonials.  Let them see the success your other clients have had from your work – in their own words that communicate from their point of view.


You will not always encounter a customer who is ready to buy immediately.  People are at different stages of readiness:


  1. Knows they need something…but no clue what.
  2. Has a clear idea of what they want to end up with, but not sure how to get there.
  3. Is overwhelmed and confused and needs some clarity and direction.
  4. Knows what they want and just need to get it.


The different stages require different approaches.  Anyone who is at level 1, is not ready to buy anything.  They need to explore the options and gather information to reach the next level.  That is why it is important to provide content that guides them through the stages.  For instance, you may first introduce them to the idea of better health through lifestyle changes.  Then you might talk about the specific lifestyle changes that they may incorporate.  Then you may talk about the process of health coaching and how that may support better health and lifestyle changes.  Then, finally you would get into the specifics of how health coaching works.  Subtle and gradual nurturing of the people on your list.  Develop and present your content around your customer’s need for information.

Consistently nurture your list and be there when they are ready.


Where are you in your list building process?  What are some of the ways that you nurture?  Share with us, then share with your friends.



  1. Elena

    I am almost there! My option is ready! I’m nurturing – and for some reason it’s take sometime so long. But I do have problem with follow up with my list and I’m not consistent with my newsletter! Have to work on it! Thank you Kathy! It’s a great newsletter!

  2. Ashlie Pappas

    Great tips! I really appreciate the guidance on HOW to nurture new contacts once they are made. Engagement is key and so is building a relationship. You give great tips on how to create value, keep people engaged, and build a relationship. Thank you!

  3. Shelley Ugan

    Just getting my opt- in up now so this is great timing..and wonderful tips here! It makes os much sense that just getting the list up is not the end goal- making sure your content is meeting the needs of the readers and getting this feedback is a great idea. Thanks Cathy!

  4. Lori Cunningham

    Thank you for these reminders! I’ve heard that it’s not “building” a relationship, but nurturing one. No matter what you do, or lack of what you do, you’re nurturing that relationship. Thanks for the tips on where people can be along the process.


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