How do you feel when you look in the mirror?


Is it a reflection of what is inside?  Or is it a reflection of neglect and what you put before yourself?


Many of us came to be health coaches because of our own health challenges.  We were either looking for an answer, to learn more or to be able to share the things we learned in our journey with others in order to make their lives better.

In your effort to gain this knowledge and share it, have you continued to make constant improvements…. or did you stop – to take care of others?

Life happens to health coaches too.  We have physical and emotional obstacles.  We lose focus on our own needs.  We forget that life is a journey and we have to keep moving forward to keep from falling back.

It is not okay and if we don’t address it, things will get worse.  Sometimes, because of what we do, we focus more on our failure than our special background and tools to turn things around and move forward again.

One can have all the knowledge of what needs to be done, but without the action, it is of no use.

Instead of me telling you what you need to do to reach your potential (because you already know).  I ask you to list 3 things you can do tomorrow to move told your goals.

Don’t go back to work or move on to another blog until you do that.  Let us learn from you.  Please list below 3 things you can do today…not tomorrow…to move toward your goals.

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  1. Ginger Garfield

    3 things I did today to move toward my goals: 1) cooked a great meal for my family with lots of love; 2) took a long walk with my husband and our dog; and 3) finished a presentation to be given next week. Tomorrow – church and relaxing with the family!

  2. Susan Gervasi

    1-Chose a new affirmation for daily review. I welcome INFINITE POSSIBILITIES with open arms, I accept the support of the universe. I know that CREATIVE ABUNDANCE is available tomorrow. I EXPECT MIRACLES. -Gabriella Bernstein
    2-Purchased 12 Wk Wt Loss Program from THCG, which will become and integral part of the strong foundation I am building.
    3-I have further strengthened my commitment to the BPHC’s modules by finishing module two. Ready for module 3.

    • Cathy

      Love your affirmations Susan!

  3. Paula

    Ok so this resonated with me this week. With the cold weather, pending move (to storage) )and a bit
    Of cabin fever, I did stop to take care of others and uproot myself on this journey. With this timely
    Email set some fresh goals for this week, month and next month.

    1. Reinvigorated spiritual practice, including but not limited to meditation, prayer, Sat eve or Sunday morning service, once or twice a week, 30-45 min walk outdoors, fresh air and rev up the engines, 3-4 yoga/gym days, quiet time with self included here.

    2. Catch up on THCG work and sort thru my new home office space,
    A maize at the moment and continue to work toward organization. Get to work on Module 3. Continue to seek out bus atty for new business.

    3. Start and finish taxes for family member for last three years. Oops 🙂 major procrastination but
    Met with accountant today for 1st of 2 or 3 hour appts to Get This Done finally! This is in addition to my own
    2013 but shooting for completion by March 1, 2014. Big monkey on my back, but I know once complete
    Energy channels should flow a bit more freely. Counting on it anyway.

    Thanks. Cathy for keeping it real with all you do!

    • Cathy

      Thank YOU Janet. I am glad we are part of your list!

  4. Christine

    I absolutely LOVE this exercise. The 3 things that I can do:
    1. Make non-negotiable time for my morning routine, which includes meditation, journaling, water, and breakfast.

    2. Go for a walk. Some days, especially in winter, it’s easy to just bundle up inside all day. Fresh air is inspirational, grounding, and calming for me.

    3. Eat on a proper schedule. Sometimes I get caught up in whatever I’m doing a push back meals. Or I forget to pack a lunch or snacks.

    Oh, and drink water! Lots and lots of water! I know that’s four things, but I value them all. Thanks for encouraging me to get that “on paper”. <3

    • Cathy

      I know exactly what you mean about the cold. I would just like to move my laptop in and stay under the covers and warm. HA! That is one step worse.

  5. Sheila

    Today’s self care included:
    1)morning yoga practice and meditation
    2)nourished my body with healthy whole foods between projects
    3)sipped hot tea which warmed my body and made my work more enjoyable

    • Cathy

      Sipppp…it is amazing what hot tea will do for anythhing! Thanks Sheila.

  6. Minista

    Whew! There is something so powerful about writing it down. Today I make a to do list and it felt sooo good crossing things off. I felt productive.

    3 things that I can do today move toward my goal is:

    1. Write out my 1 year plan, 6 month plan, and 3 month plan…
    2. Map out 5 cities that I can do my SpiritJAM sessions

  7. johanna

    Today, I can —
    1) not stress over work travel and accept things as they are and know that they are out of my control.
    2) make healthy choices while traveling and not give myself “a pass”.
    3) use time on the train to work on my website and blog.

  8. Beth

    1. Make time for exercise.
    2. Follow the to do tlist
    3. Step away from social media

  9. Patti Rugg

    1. Balance spirit & physical exercise
    2. Follow up on orders, calls and email
    3. Continue to reorganize my office

  10. Hayley Hobson

    Amen Cathy. Love this.

    I have a journal I started using this year. I’m logging in all of my priorities:

    Family time
    Healthy Meals
    Fun time

    And then I break down my business category into
    Follow ups

    LOVE IT. It’s working!

  11. Cathy

    Great #3 Stan…that will improve at least 2 people’s day…and you never know how many others from there. It is good to see you here Stan!

  12. Lori Barney

    This is so timely! I have so many, many things happening right now that are pulling me away from taking care of myself and need to remember to put my oxygen mask on first:-) So here is my plan 1)Continue my quiet time in the mornings for daily devotions and prayer time 2) Go outside and walk/hike/run 5-6 days a week and take my big dog Henry along too 3) Take a serious look at my “to do” list and decide what to let go of. Thanks for the great reminder Cathy!

  13. Jocelyn Gordon

    This is a great prompt. It is 8pm now in Bali, so I’ll write what I can do tomorrow to move forward with my goals:
    1. Meditate & Pray
    2. Secure advertising for my retreats
    3. Invite affiliates to promote my May event


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