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Do you ever feel this synchronicity of events that are leading you to a topic?

This is one of those times.

There was a post in our group;

“How many here are actually working in the health coaching business full-time with a real income and how many is it just a hobby for?”

Happily, there were a lot of people who answered they were either successfully making an income full time as a health coach and there were a couple who said no….and there were more who were in the process of becoming successful.

Any entrepreneurial endeavor is a process and can take some time, motivation, knowledge and elbow grease.  Mostly – it takes patience.  In the beginning you feel like you’re all alone, speaking to the wall.  No one is listening.  If you have a plan and are consistent, it happens.  Sometimes it happens sooner and sometimes it happens later.

When I started THCG, I owned and operated another full time business.  I was working at that business more than 40 hours a week sometimes.  I’d start working in the morning at 4 a.m. and around 3 or 4 p.m., I’d start working on The Health Coach Group and I’d work until 10 or 12 p.m..  I loved what I was doing, but it took some sacrifice.  Luckily, I was still able to throw “events” like volunteering at school and field trips and art classes at the museum – but for the most part – I was at my desk and at my computer.  My husband came by my office door almost daily and said “I sure wish you were getting something back for all that hard work”.  The truth – it wasn’t just the work, it took some money – not much but money for occasional VA’s and printing and – I used up all my other business’s advertising credit.  I believed in what I was doing.  I wanted to help health coaches (yes – I never intended to coach, that’s not my calling), I also wanted to make a BIG difference in the lives of others.  PLUS – I wanted to break away from the chains that held me in one place ALL the time.  My son was in England and my parents were in Florida – and I felt like I was going to be stuck in Omaha all my life with my brick and mortar business.  I desperately wanted an online business that provided me the freedom I felt I needed.  (ANOTHER TOPIC – “The Importance of Your Why”)  I was motivated and I loved and felt passionate about what I was doing.  It took some time – but honestly not as long as many entrepreneurs and when it took off it took off nicely.  Then – I reinvested all the money back into the business and into my clients. – So – you see it wasn’t easy and it takes tons and tons of motivation, a good why and the patience for yourself and all those who surround and rely on you.

ALL health coaches businesses are different so there is market research -but there’s no accurate way to measure when the success will happen.  The one thing we can guarantee is if you quit – we can be 100% sure that you won’t succeed.

  1. Are you seeing people who are succeeding and you don’t feel like your far enough along?
  2. Have you decided that there is no way for a health coach to make money?
  3. Have you decided you’ve been hoodwinked and there are no successful health coaches because it’s not a viable profession and you shouldn’t have ever spent that money for the schooling?
  4. Is your family objecting to the time your (their words, not mine) “hobby” is taking away from them?

Give up the negative thinking – your mind takes you where your thoughts lead.  I’m here to tell you that I would not change ONE thing in my life….and I’ve had a lot of setbacks and mistakes and “oops”.  Each one took me to here and the outcome would be different if not for every single one of those “learning experiences”.

It’s time to focus on yourself.  Get off the places on social media where you’re hanging out with negative people.  There’s a difference between people who are really succeeding in their business and those who aren’t – it’s that they have done it and now they are busy working at it.  Many of the people who get on those negative threads are there because they are looking for answers – and on social media – there are lots of answers, some are good and some – not so much.  You will always find “Negative Nellies” there – that is an opportunity.  Learn and collaborate – but don’t get sucked down the hole.  Find positive examples, do some market research, find a mentor and keep at it.

We  did a case study of successful health coaches in the very beginning, because I wanted to see the difference between coaches who “made it” and those who didn’t.  Those coaches approached it as a business.  They all had their own niche.  It’s funny to look back at those coaches we studied, some have made it big time and a couple are still finding their way.  The ones who didn’t make “the big time” had a good plan and for one reason or another didn’t follow through.  Sometimes they found that wasn’t what they wanted to do and other times, they just weren’t consistent and patient enough.

One of the coaches posted that she asked the question about who was working and who was not in an Alumni group:

“Out of 120 responses on IIN site less than 2% were actually performing health coach work full time. The rest were selling business services to other coaches.”

It is good to see the positive because sometimes negativity collects, especially  in social media – if you get a response with that many people who haven’t succeeded, you know there has to be a lot of people there who need help, knowledge, motivation and action. There are not 98% of health coaches selling to 2% of active health coaches – that’s not even possible.  BUT – those are the people on Facebook who are looking for answers.  That’s the kind of negativity you can get swallowed up in.

From our surveys, business knowledge, coaching confidence, a business plan, motivation and action. are the biggest challenges and shortcomings for coaches – and really, any other industry has internships and available positions – as it is – you have to be an entrepreneur to make it work – and not all coaches know what that entails.

Health coaches are SO CLOSE to success and its hard to know when you’re struggling so much. We’ve started working to build jobs for health coaches so that there will be internships and jobs as you graduate – and then if you think you’re ready to be in business, you can go there with education, experience and a plan.

Don’t give up and don’t listen to the people who say it can’t be done – because it can and there are tons of coaches doing it their own way – you’ll be surprised at the different ways coaches have applied their skills.

SO, after all this is said, here is what I’m going to do – create a new Case Study of multiple successful health coaches.  Please use it to study what they’ve done and how and look at your own approach to your business.  You must, must, must treat it like a business.  Choose your niche – get clarity on your ideal client, make a business plan – and then take action.

If you are a successful health coach, please complete our survey and agree to be a case study.  You will help other health coaches and the industry in general.  If you know of a very successful health coach, tell them to contact us at [email protected] – or you can contact us, give us their name and we will contact them.

We will post them in the Facebook group, The Health Coach Group weekly and we will create a compilation of Case Studies for you to use.

I’m looking forward to this – for all of us!


Share this with your friends and please, join in the discussion in the comments below – your stories add so much to the topic and are learning experiences for everyone!



  1. Kim Flores

    This is awesome! I would LOVE to join the FB group and read the case studies!

  2. Lani Herner BCWP BCLC

    Great blog. It is sometimes very difficult to stay focused. But getting out there and selling what you know makes you more confident and shows that you do know enough.

    I agree with the author, you must separate yourself from the negative out there….I call it “getting rid of the clutter”. Getting sucked into commenting on social media with topics that don’t directly connect to your business can be problematic and can cost you future business. Instead, why don’t you put the energy that would have gone toward the non-related topic into a great blog that can help others and get you the business that is waiting for you.

    Remember, you cannot win the argument on any Facebook and Twitter posts. So instead of fighting the post, join in on posts directly connected to your business.

    Lani Herner, Board Certified Life and Wellness Coach
    Your Balanced Life Center LLC


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