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A question that is asked over and over again by health coaches, “how do you decide what to write about?”.  I’m going to share my secret.


shutterstock_101833759 shutterstock_101833759I had just begun blogging about health about a year and a half before and that blog was a journal – it was easy, I just talked about what I learned each day as I cut out sugar, dairy, gluten, meat and everything that had shown up on my food allergy test.  There was a lot to write about because I was transitioning from standard diet to plant based and from microwave to blender and juicer.  When I started blogging about other health and wellness issues, I was doing the 750 word challenge.  You set aside a period of time each day and committed to writing a minimum of 750 words.  Most of the time, I would sit down and start writing and after a couple sentences, my topic just arrived for me.  After a couple weeks of this – it was much more difficult.  So, one day, I decided I was going to use my 750 words as blog topics.  I took the pyramid, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and categorized all my topics under the umbrella of Maslow’s Needs.  Everyone has a list – Anthony Robbins has his wheel, IIN has their circle and the original – Maslow’s Pyramid was the basis for all my blogs.

So, I created an index:

  1.  Self Actualization
  2. Self Esteem
  3. Love and Belonging
  4. Safety and Security
  5. Physiological Needs

Then, I sat and wrote as many subtopics as I could until I got to 750 words…I spent about 45 minutes doing this and had one great assortment of sub-topics by the time I finished.


  1.  Self Actualization
    1. Learning
    2. Intraspection
    3. Spiritual Growth
    4. Meditation
    5. Prayer
    6. ..
  2. Self Esteem
    1. Negative Thinking
    2. Comparison
    3. ………………….
  3. Love and Belonging
    1. Relationships
    2. Children
    3. Parents
    4. Tribes
    5. Friends
    6. ………………….
  4. Safety and Security
    1. Toxins
    2. Beds
    3. Fabrics
    4. Lighting
    5. ………………………
  5. Physiological Needs
    1. Ergonomics
    2. Nutrition
    3. Superfoods
    4. Fitness
    5. Weight Loss
    6. Disease
      1. Cancer
      2. High Blood Pressure
      3. Diabetes
      4. ………………………………

I just spent less than 5 minutes coming up with the list above and you can see where you could branch out into sub-topics and secondary sub-topics.  I had enough different categories to last me a long time.


Here’s the thing, they aren’t all fun to write about.  So I made a rule for myself – 2 favored topics to 1 dreaded topic.  That way I got everything on my list covered.  I could just imagine getting to the end and spending months researching and writing about things I wasn’t interested in.  It worked.


By the time I completed my list, I had the basis for a full 3-6-9-12 Month Program.  They started out as blogs and became the basis for a full health coaching program.  Well spent time, don’t you think?



I want to also share this tip with  you – research scholarly articles for your content.  The top experts in the world still need to support their assertions with empirical evidence.  If you want to be taken seriously, you need to do this as well.  Where do you look?  Not other people’s blogs, not wikipedia (though sometimes there are pretty elementary explanations for things you don’t necessarily have a keen understanding of).  You want to google – googlescholar.com or just your topic with scholarly article behind it…or your questions with scholarly article, or evidence or empirical data.  There are many dissertations and papers written on the information you need.  David Wolfe is quotable, but unless he has some proof, he’s not a source.  You can check out journal articles, university journals and papers, and government websites.  Be careful because there is a lot of erroneous data and information available on the internet.  When you use an unreliable source, it reflects on you.


Are you blogging yet?  Do it!  It’s a perfect way to share your credibility with your followers.  It is an easy way to nurture your list and provide free value to people who have already asked for it by signing up on your list.  Don’t have a list?  Get busy!  A blog can help you build your list too.  Offer for them to sign up for your list on your blog.


As always, join in the comments below.  Tell us where you are with your blog writing and if you’re held up on anything.  Check out other posts and offer your experience in response.


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  1. Dana

    I have blogged in the past but I must admit I’m guilty of not being consistent with it, mostly because I have no clue what to write about. These are great tips, thanks for sharing them.

    • Cathy

      Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad you can use it.

  2. Julie Jones

    I loved this blog and found it to be inspiring and helpful! Thank you so much for giving us so much information! You rock!

  3. Nicole Mazza

    This topic was awesome! I’ve been collecting articles over the years to use as ideas for blog/newsletter topics. i can’t wait to start actually doing them! (there’s just so much to do right now, my head is spinning.)

  4. Natalie


    I appreciate the ideas you presented here. I also agree and support your stance on incorporating peer-reviewed literature and empirical evidence over anecdotal. Both are valuable and should be balanced when delivering to the general population. Not everyone wants to read the science; yet, others appreciate it (like myself). Great information!


  5. Julie Klever

    Thanks Cathy! Your simple blog has led to some simple ideas and the creativity is beginning to flow again!

  6. Sofi

    Nice blog with great information


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